What if u knew when u would die?

9 May

What if u knew when u would die?.

7 Billion

4 Apr

7 Billion.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman did not have choice or free will and neither do you.

6 Feb

Phillip Seymour Hoffman did not have choice or free will and neither do you..

Attempts to Meet the Ladies of the 21st Century

18 Jan

Attempts to Meet the Ladies of the 21st Century.

The Struggle Continues…

17 Jan

The Struggle Continues….

Christian or Not?

22 Dec

I met a stranger the other day. Some people think that nobody is a stranger but that is just not true in my book.

I had a long conversation with this stranger. Let’s call her Kim. When Kim found out that I was a “licensed” clinical social worker, she immediately questioned how could I be a Democrat and be a social worker. She continued that Democrats support homosexuals, abortion, welfare and whatever else she quickly spouted off. She proudly announced that she was a die hard Republican (I call them Repugs).

I didn’t argue back about her Democratic beliefs. It wouldn’t have done any good. Like most Repugs I have met or chatted with, they are very set in their views and attitudes. She went on to “preach” that I couldn’t be a Christian if I am a Democrat. She went onto spout actual bible verses to prove that I wasn’t a Christian. I didn’t stay quiet this time. I boldly told Kim that there is only one requirement “according to the Bible” to enter HEAVEN and that is: Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. That’s it. Of course, billions of people still haven’t done that.

I also went onto say that my “Christian” mission in life is to help other alcoholics achieve and maintain their sobriety. In AA, we believe in a “God” of our understanding so not to pin people into one corner.
Some of the “new” recovering alcoholics have no understanding of God or a higher power and believe that if they do believe that he won’t forgive them for “their sins”.

Kim agreed with me for once in our conversation that “action to help others” was one of the highest levels of Christianity. So according to her, I was a Christian after all as long I didn’t practice my Democratic views and attitudes. I believe that God loves all of his children, including sinners of all kinds, hence why he sent his son, Jesus to save us from “our sins” no matter what they are.

Jesus Bless and Happy Birthday to him!!

Resentment move over…

25 May

Why are you hanging on to it? Are you getting some type of satisfaction from it? 

What am I talking about? Resentment which I define as holding onto a perceived or real hurt caused by another or yourself. 

If you didn’t know, the Big Book of AA stated that resentment is the number one offender of alcoholics. Meaning, if they don’t deal with them appropriately, they will drink again. And for them drinking means death or institutions. 

Resentment is one of those burning thoughts/emotions that likes to hang around. It’s like we are programmed to play around in the muck that resentment causes until we finally have had enough. 

I was hurt badly and deeply last October when my employer said to me in a letter that they no longer needed my services. What? Huh? What did I do deserve that? Absolutely nothing except trusting another person’s word. And to top it off, to add insult to injury, they replaced me with the person they had fired (cause she had her termination overturned). Ouch!

I mean I really liked this job. I liked the residents. I liked my work day.  The pay and benefits were nice too. I even said to myself and out loud, I plan to retire (when I am 80) from here. Boy, oh boy was wrong. Here I thought I was doing God’s will. Helping soldiers when I am a strict pacifist. But I was just being open minded…

I had run up against a justifiable, huge reason to have a resentment. But I really didn’t want it, but my head said to keep it and stoke its flames. But I didn’t want too so I reached out to a long-time friend and colleague for advice. Even he, with over 60 years of professional social work experience had to “get back to me” on this one. 

By the time he did (24 hours or so), I had already decided I needed to move on from this resentment before it caused me too much misery. I did what I was taught in AA, forgive the person and/or situation that I am resenting. This was a very tall order for me but I asked God (as I understand him) for strength to forgive and he did just that. 

Remember forgiveness is to help you move past it, not for the other person so that should make it easier to do at times. I strongly advise you to “deal” with all of your resentments as soon as you can. Open your heart and mind to forgiveness and you can too can move on, instead of being stuck in the muck of a resentment.




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