Prayer Life

19 Jan

I have been praying the same prayer for almost 17 years now. I pray in morning and thank God for his blessings and ask him to help me live by his will. I also ask  him for forgiveness for my past thoughts and deeds and I ask him for help for the new day ahead. I have found that I have gotten positive results from this prayer but after last night, I need to do a little more in my prayer life to get even better results.

I learned that there are 3 main areas to pray on. I need to pray for purpose and power of God to be in my life. I need to pray for myself to increase my character to better walk with God. I need to pray for others to increase my love for others. I will pray for others (ie. my spouse-if I had one, when spouses pray together only one in 2000 couples divorces), forgive others (ie. when you are angry with someone, pray for that person and see the angry melt away, and relationship challenges (ie. I look at my relationship with God and seek his wisdom in relationships as well).

The most important lesson I learned last night was when I increase my time in the presence of God, he will trust me more and give me more to do for him and his children. WOW!


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