Job Search

20 Jan

I have been unemployed since early October 2011. In all of my working years (since 89′), this is the longest that I have been unemployed. Fortunately, I have been blessed to have a frugal unemployment benefits income, just barely making my expenses each month.

I have a Master degree and over 20 years experience in my chosen field of human services. I am also a licensed clinical social worker. So where are the job offers? Good question indeed. Well, for starters I live in a rather small city of about 26,000 which is located about 75-90 minutes from the larger cities in the state of Oklahoma. Obviously, part of my challenge is where I chose to live. In the past, I have lived mostly in larger cities where I was exposed to more job opportunities.

I had two interviews (for two different locations) for a probation officer position in mid-December. Despite my qualifications, I was looked over. I interviewed for a (mental health) therapy position around the same time and was told I was hired but the company hasn’t contacted me since. I interviewed for a housing director position with a local Indian tribe last week. I was told the next day that the hiring committee was impressed with my qualifications but Indian preference took the job. I did some research on that “preference” and found indeed that tribes can do that as long as the Indian chosen for the position is “on or near the reservation” which of course, I will never know in this case.

I also interviewed for a position of  vocational director for a business that supports people with developmental disabilities last Friday. As of yesterday, I am still in the running for that position.

I am not bitter or down about my job search experience over the last three months. Like I said, I  have been blessed with just enough income to “get by” which has allowed me time to really get in touch with who I am and what I want to do next in this life. I have been able to re-establish my ties with religion (currently attending two churches), have increased my spirituality, and have had the opportunity to help others (without getting paid). If you are looking for a job, know that God has your back and he will open the door to that job that he wants for you.


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