Abe & Martin

4 Feb

They both were murdered.

They both were too young to die. Abe (56) and Martin (39).

They both changed America by what they stood for.

They both educated and inspired many.

Abe once walked back to his home in Illinois from New Orleans when he first witnessed slavery. While Martin marched with 200,000 in D.C. because he had a “dream” to end the injustices of African Americans.

Abe never joined a church but used the Bible to educate and inspire. Martin was a Baptist minister who was inspired and educated by Jesus.

Abe was the first republican party president and Martin refused to endorse anyone for president but he secretly supported JFK (democrat).

Abe was self-taught and Martin earned a PhD at a very young age.

Abe and Martin both had four children, but only one of Abe’s children lived to be an adult.

Abe was on the verge of starting the reconstruction of the United States when he was killed and Martin had set his sights on the reconstruction of American society when he was killed.

They both believed in peaceful resolutions to conflicts but Abe was thrown into a war he wanted to avoid and Martin was against a war that he didn’t believe in, both wars costing great #s of  Americans lives as well as having wasteful and unnecessary social and economic costs.

Ironically, the great organizations that Abe and Martin started, are today both empty shells of the greatness they once were.

I have visited both resting places for Abe (Springfield, IL) and Martin (Atlanta, GA) to pay my respects to two of the greatest men who have ever lived.




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