18 Feb

When I was a kid, my hero was Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man). Steve had a bionic eye, bionic arms and legs. He never faced a bad guy he couldn’t handle. You can ask my family, I used to make the “sounds” that The Six Million Dollar Man made when he moved. I wanted to be able to run as fast he could (up to 60 mph), to be as strong as him (could bend steel bars with his bare hands) and of course, see like him at least out of one eye.

Then, my life changed forever when Steve met Jamie Somers (yes, the bionic woman). I learned what love was from Steve and Jamie (even though I was in love with her too). I learned from this bionic couple that if you found your perfect mate then life would be grand. But, of course as all fantasies go, reality set in and the perfect couple broke up and the Bionic duo was taken off the air. I was lost. Now, what do I do?

I found a new hero in high school when I got to know my “new” Cross Country Coach. The “old” CC Coach would be passed out drunk in a storage area when we returned from our runs. Yes, this new Coach had competed against the great Bruce Jenner (how he ever got involved with the Kardashians I never understand), gold medalist in the Olympics. He brought fire and vigor to us lowly, pimple infested teens. When Coach said run, we didn’t ask how far, we just ran. When he said that we needed to run 500 miles in less than two months during the summer so would have the proper conditioning for the Fall CC season, we did it and even added a extra few miles for good measure.

But as Steve Austin left me wanting for more in a hero, so did my Coach. You see, I trusted Coach with everything and believed in everything he said. But, as most humans do, he let me down big time and he stopped being my hero. If you want to hear the rest of that story, then let’s sit down sometime and I will tell you.

I really can’t say I had a hero until I got sober in 95′ at the age of 28. I found my new hero in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Jesus came to this sinful world and remained perfectly steadfast despite detractors and temptors (even Satan himself). He came with one purpose in mind, to die on the cross to give us freedom from our sinful prisons. Jesus lived a life of compassion, kindness, tolerance, patience (except for those darn money changers), and most importantly, love. Yes, Jesus has been my hero since 95′ and he will continue to be my hero for the rest of my life until the time I will spend eternal life with him. Wow!!


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