26 Feb

If you didn’t catch it this week on my Facebook status, I came up with a new quote and it goes like this,”I  have the opportunity to learn from everybody.

Now, I didn’t say I learn something good from everybody. I also may learn something I want to avoid or correct in myself.

Let’s see what I learned just this week from people I came in contact with.  I had just finished my first day of my new job and I was feeling good. I hadn’t worked in over  four months and I was feeling blessed for the opportunity. That night I joined my bowling team for some strikes and spares. I reported to the ladies on my team that I started working again. They had lots of questions for me and were overall happy with my new fortune. Then I heard it from Ms. Negative, “you won’t make it six months.” Talk about taking the wind out my sails. Before that unnecessary remark, I had been bowling pretty good and after it, not so good.

I know what you are thinking. Come on, it was just one negative comment. What’s the big deal? I don’t know if you are anything like me but I can be told four great things, and then hear that one negative zinger and that is what I focus on. So, what did I “re”learn from Ms. Negative, I don’t need that type of influence in my life today.

I also learned this week that people will make “small” adjustments if I ask, but anymore than that, not so much. If the adjustment is out of their comfort zone or it may require more effort than they are willing to put forth, forget it. The bottom line: don’t expect “too” much from others, they will disappoint you.

Another lesson I “re”learned again this week: that I when I retire, I will make time for others. I find it simply amazing how “busy” people are when they are retired.News flash, when you retire you don’t have to schedule everything, be flexible, be open to the possibilities.

Another valuable tidbit I uncovered this week is that I trust people too fast and too easily. I asked my mom about it and she said that she has the same issue and her mom had it as well but we just couldn’t figure out why. I was burned again by someone I believed in and it hurt. I need to slow down and take time to trust others. It’s funny because I expect others to trust me as quickly as I want to trust them.

The last lesson I learned this week is that people really watch me. They learn from me. Even when I don’t think they are “watching” me, they are. I can honestly say with all of my heart that I am truly walking the walk not just talking the talk. And it has all been made possible by what I have learned from not just anybody, but from God.


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