3 Mar

Wow! What a day yesterday. A day I did not expect but “sensed”. Wow!

After being unemployed for over four months after my last job flop, I believed that God had opened the door to the right job. I mean I hadn’t been praying for the best or the highest paying job. I simply asked God to show me the job that I could do the most work for him. So when I was offered a job helping families on the brink of family bankruptcy, I said yes because I had total faith that God wanted me to say YES!

In my new position as director, I had an assistant. I had never had an assistant before. What would I do with an assistant. I am used to doing everything myself on a job. We seemed to click, the assistant and me. She said that she was a Christian and had been healing from a traumatic situation. Then I made the fatal mistake, if you can believe this one, I invited her and her eight kids to my church for dinner and a lesson from the pastor on the second day of this new, heaven-sent job. I even volunteered to help transport her eight kids to the church so she could have a night off from cooking. I guess she took my invitation the wrong way and “felt uncomfortable” with it.

I was really loving this job. I saw the endless opportunities to help children as well as adults improve their lots in lives. On leap day, I met with two attorneys in court. They filled me on all of the challenges ahead for me in this new position, but they were very grateful I would be taking over the reins. I had the experience, the education and the drive to turn a failing program around. I was pumped! I had also had a phone conversation with the main contact with the program, a fellow MSW professional and she was delighted that I was on board because the program needed a strong shot in the arm, both arms for that matter.

During my second and final week on the job, the assistant had filed a complaint against me so she was out the entire week. Now, you have to understand I had been getting negative warnings from various individuals since I started this job working for an Indian tribe. One negative woman said, “you won’t last six months”. Another said, “watch your back”. Another still another said, “be careful”. I took all of the negativity in stride because remember God had led me to this job. It is ironic as I write this that when  I told the assistant about the comments, she assured me I would be just fine as she sharpened the sword behind her unfaithful back.

Well, yesterday came and I was given my walking “papers”. My boss said that since I was a probationary employee it was better this way because he didn’t want to hassle with an investigation (what is there to investigate? I invited someone to church, my bad). I was in shock and I simply told the stupid man, “you are making a big mistake”. It was only about 9:20 am and I was supposed to finish out the day and then walk out gracefully. That didn’t happen. I left as soon as I possibly could. I had been slammed and the families in the programs had been slammed too!

God Bless Me


2 Responses to “Fired!!”

  1. Jenni C. March 5, 2012 at 1:53 am #

    Sorry that they let you go, that is too bad when you were just offering support. But I always try to remember when you have a setback God has already planned your comeback! Don’t worry you will end up right where you are supposed to be.

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