5 Mar

I wrote this poem, July 88′

Everything takes time especially when it comes to friendship.

A friendship will grow with the help of understanding, trusting and a willingness to give as well as take.

Everything takes patience especially when a friendship is at hand.

Taking the good with the bad and vise versa.

It is easy to give up and say, “I’ve taken enough.”

But it is beautiful to bear it and say, “I’m not going to let this end.”

Everything has value especially a friendship.

Bank accounts, jobs, lovers, nights and days come and go, but a friendship can endure forever.

The value of a friendship can’t be a measured, but it surely can be tested.


One Response to “Friendship”

  1. Ron bates March 5, 2012 at 4:38 am #

    Surely if a man tests anothers friendship,
    They will be let down… When we test our
    Fellow man, we tend to expect them to
    Live up to our expectations… We tend
    To feel like our expectations are what
    We should get out of the test… When we
    Do not get what we think we should get
    From the test… We feel let down….
    I think a friendship will endure many things
    If two people truely open their hearts to
    Making a friendship… True opening our
    Hearts to anyone is risky business… I
    Coin the phrase… Its better to jave loved
    And lost, than mever to have loved…
    Real is seen in anothers eyes… The eyes
    Are a road to a persons soul… If you
    Look in anothers eyes and see a reflection
    I personally feel that is the look of a
    Hyeina… They are the type of animals that
    Only truely bond with each other… On
    The other hand… If you look in anothers
    Eyes and realize you notice this to be
    A gateway to their soul… I feel they are
    Probably worth the risk of openong
    Yourself up to…
    In a friendship, i feel like you have
    To accept that person for who and how
    They are… Who and how someone is, IS
    Not necessarily who they are in their heart
    A persons heart in my opinion is connected
    Directly to their soul… If their heart is not
    In the right place… Their soul is condemed
    To hell… ok final thought…
    If you can not accept how someone acts
    Or how they are, including the good bad or
    Ugly… Why even waste your time trying
    To be friends…
    People are gonna mess up… We are
    Gonna conflict in thoughts and beliefs
    But in the end we only have god and his
    Love… All like minded people have the
    Same final destination… But can we even
    There ourselves if we do not open our
    Selves and love one another like the bible
    Tells us to? This person thinks not…
    The bible says to love thy neighbor as
    Thy brother…
    Darron… I accept you for who and how
    You are… We are gonna disagree… In
    The end it will not matter… I will stand beside
    You and back you up right wrong or in di
    Ferent… As long as heaven remain our
    Mutual expectations for our final

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