Costs of War

13 Mar

I’ve been shocked now three times in the past two weeks and I generally don’t get shocked very often. First, I was shocked by an elected official/so-called Christian bashing gays in church on Sunday morning. Second, I was shocked by my long-time friend’s plea to end her life. And now this, the biggest shock to me, an American solider allegedly killing 16 Afghan civilians, nine of them children.

Why did this happen should be the question on everybody’s mind today. And secondly, how can this type of behavior be prevented in the future?

The answer to both questions is actually the same. Why it happened? Because the US military has been involved in a “war on terror” since 9/11. A war, very similar to most wars, that can’t be won (what does that really mean anyways?). A war, like most wars that the US has no business in. But Darron, they attacked us first on 9/11. Yes, 20 or so lunatics boarded planes and crashed them into various places but guess what, they all died. End of story.

But Darron, Saddam was hiding “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq and he had to be stopped. No weapons were found and how many people loss their lives and how much $ was wasted looking for non-existent weapons. One was too many, both in lives and in dollars.

For the past 11 years, I know now how rational, intelligent people were feeling and thinking during the over-decade long Vietnam War that cost over 56,000 US lives not to mention how many Vietnamese people.(yes, they count too). Let alone, again the wasted billions of $’s on a senseless war.

Back to the recent one-man American massacre in Afghanistan, did you know that this solider was on his 4th tour during this “war on terror”? In fact, just in 10′, he was involved in an accident that caused a head injury. However, he was evaluated and released back to duty. Give me a break military leaders, don’t you think four tours of duty on one person is pushing it just a little?  Well, I think he was pushed over the edge.

To make this situation even worse, the place that this soldier originated from, Washington state has experienced 26 suicides by soldier in the past two years. And that is not all. The VA hospital where these soldiers are being treated, are having their diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome diminished because the PTSD diagnosis is too expensive to treat in the long haul for the military. Give me another break military leaders! First, you send young men and women into a war that shouldn’t be and then when they are damaged by that war, you don’t want to help them.

I was quite disturbed last night when I heard GOP candidate, Mitt Romney sum up this Afghan massacre by saying we shouldn’t change our policies in this “war” because of one “deranged” person. I hate to admit it, by another GOP candidate, Rick Santorum had the best solution to this “deranged” person’s slaughter, get the heck out of Afghanistan NOW! Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Please, let’s end this insanity NOW!


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