Movie Review-Young Adult

16 Mar

I am really trying hard to expand my blog audience so I decided to add movie reviews to my topics of interest.

First off, Young Adult stars Charlize Theron, one of my top five favorite actresses. It doesn’t hurt that she is very sexy. Any hoo, Charlize returns home to track down an old boyfriend from high school. She is like 37 now. The former flame happens to be the lead character, Patrick Wilson from one of my fav TV shows. Wow! While “home”, Charlize (I mean Mavis) strikes up a “talkship” with Patton Oswalt’s character (Matt). Patton is of course, from one of other fav TV shows, King of Queens actually acts just like he did in “King” but with a handicap.

Well, things don’t go too well between Mavis and P.Wilson (Buddy) since he is happily (let’s say content) married which leads Mavis to hitting her emotional and mental bottoms. She gets some good advice from a girl she ignored in high school and returns to the big city, where I was born, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I rate movies on a four star scale, and I give Young Adult two stars but give Charlize’s performance four stars.


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