My TV Favs & Cats

16 Mar

As a blogger (one who has a blog), part of my duties is to check out other blogs. BTW, if you want to start a blog of your own, just go to and get started, free of charge and it can be so much fun.

Recently, I came across a blog topic on cats. Since I am a cat admirer, I thought it would be a post on the greatness of cats. Well, was I disappointed and saddened! The author of the blog, a younger woman (than me, most are these days!) shared her awful experiences with the feline species. And to make matters worse, the post about cats attracted hundreds of comments from other readers. And most of those comments (I got sick of reading after awhile) were in the red as well.

I have only owned one cat (actually still a kitten named Splash after the movie) that caused me trouble. Splash just couldn’t find the “box” and consequently went on the carpet in the main area instead. Fortunately for Splash, my roommate’s parents owned a farm and that is where the kitty ended up. I have owned (still do but he is currently residing at mom’s) one dog since 01′ and definitely prefer cats, even though my dog is a very good dog (despite popular belief, enough said). Cats take care of themselves and dogs are too high maintenance. I guess it goes with my nature, I prefer low maintenance women as well. Cats don’t bark, they meow once in awhile but you just can’t beat their adorable purring. I am not here to bash dogs, just can’t believe people who despise and detest cats.

Now, on to the next subject I came across while exploring other blogs, TV shows. Another woman (much younger than me and from Canada) wrote two blogs: the 15 best scripted shows and the 10 worst scripted shows (aren’t all shows scripted?) Again, she got a lot of comment traffic. Just so you know, you can comment on any of my posts. I really welcome comments. Really…Any hoo, her top 15 shows included only one show that I have actually viewed and the rest of them, never heard of them. The one show is 30 Rock. I have attempted to watch this show twice because I have a crush on Tina Fey (I know she is married) but just couldn’t do it for long. It might have something to do with Alec Baldwin. I just don’t think that boy is funny. Although he was good in the drama, The Cooler, as a casino boss.

On the flip side, her 10 worst shows, I had viewed or watched most of them. Hmmm….maybe there is something to this! She listed How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) and The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) in her bottom 10. She said that Barney’s character, playing a womanizer is worn out and should be elsewhere because he is so talented. I love HIMYM but I just started watching it this season. Although, I probably wouldn’t be watching it if Rules of Engagement hadn’t taken a hiatus. I am sorry but I just don’t see what the big deal is about Neil Patrick Harris. When you know, let me know. Now, TBBT is hilarious. The female blogger is dismayed that the show actually makes “being a nerd” cool. What’s wrong with that? Nerds have always been cool, you just didn’t know it. My only criticism about TBBT is that I would like more time with the other characters besides Sheldon.

Now, it is my turn…I think the best shows on TV (can you actually imagine life before TV was invented? were people smarter then or now?) are: SMASH, The Gifted Man and Rules of Engagement (the show will return to the air next month). SMASH caught my attention when I heard Katharine McPhee was one of the main characters on the show. I fell madly in love with Ms. McPhee when she was the runner-up (not right at all) on last American Idol season I watched. SMASH takes a behind-the-scenes look at creating a Broadway show. I have loved Broadway shows since I had the honor of seeing Annie in a Chicago theater way way back when and then again when my older brother played the lead as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady back in high school, way back then.

The Gifted Man didn’t get my attention in the fall when I saw the previews. I thought it was just another “Dr.” show. But in December, for some reason I watched an episode and fell in love. What a show! A show that makes me feel good about being alive and being a human being. Kinda like how I felt when I used to love Happy Days and Three’s Company. And finally, Rules of Engagement, is hilarious. I never cared for David Spade but he is pretty darn funny in this one. Especially the interactions between him and his assistant (watch out for those assistants, by the way) are too much. I also like the portrayal of two unique marriages on the show. One marriage is still in the honeymoon phase and the other match has been around a little while. The dynamics of these relationships are truly incredible.

Well, well, well…I have gone over my rule of only 500 words per blog, oh well…please comment, don’t be shy. Thanks



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