Tower Heist-Movie Review

21 Mar

Tower Heist filmed in Trump Tower in Manhattan is about a few guys and gal who want back what belongs to them & others.

The idea for the movie came from Eddie Murphy’s brain, even though Chris Rock was considered for Murphy’s character’s role. I am glad Eddie took the role. I don’t care for Rock.

Robert Redford was asked to play the role of the rich guy in the movie but Alan Alda got it after Robert turned it down. He was probably too busy getting ready for the Sundance Film Festival he started way back when. I just watched Alan in another movie, Flash of Genius starring Greg Kinnear, where Alda plays an arrogant attorney. BTW, check “Flash” out, tear jerking and inspiring (to do the right thing).

Can you believe it? Alan is already 76 years old. I was never a fan of MASH, since I don’t care for military-type shows but I respected his work in the long running series.

Back to the “Heist”, starring Ben Stiller as the ringleader. Ben’s character is a good guy who has tried to the right thing for many years but then he is basically “shit” on by Alan’s character (Shaw) and hatches a plan to steal from Shaw to give to the peasants, employees of the Tower.

I like Ben but he does seem to play the same type of roles over and over but he is still funny. Matthew Broderick plays a character down on his luck, living in the Tower and joins Ben’s gang. Where has Broderick been all of these years? His wife has been kicking ass but Matt, not so much. Some actors just can’t escape certain roles, his being Ferris Bueller’s Day Off back in 86′. He has one line in the “Heist” that is funny but I won’t give it away.

All and all, the “Heist” is somewhat funny and worth the time. It was good to see Eddie again.

2 stars out of 4.


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