One Day-Movie Review

23 Mar

After just watching the Notebook last Saturday night, I was still in the mood for another romance feature so I picked up One Day starring Anne Hathaway(Emma) and Jim Sturgess (Dexter).

The film starts as Emma and Dexter are graduating from college and then follows their lives for the next 20 years on one particular day. The coupling definitely has “full” chemistry that first day but they decide to be just friends. They stay in contact thru the years, mainly by way of letters and phone calls. They have their chances to take their friendship to the next level  but fail to do so and they continue to live separate lives.

Until one day, Dexter is finally ready to move forward with her but Emma has a beau. However, she finally comes to her senses and runs to Dexter. The couple spent many years apart but finally take the leap but the leap doesn’t last long enough.

I found this movie very frustrating because I found the two characters very intelligent in many ways but not when it came to love. I kept waiting for one of them to say, “I need you. I want you” but they just seem too stubborn to say it. In life, we need to seize the moment and take a risk. In this story, the characters took a long time to finally take a risk on real love.

How many times in your life have your heard the line, “life is too short.” Plenty, I imagine. I think about the couples who have been married 50 years like my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Roger (well, technically not until July). They had a moment way back when and they grabbed it and their love is still intact today. What if they would have not grabbed it? Their lives would have been probably totally different.

What I am saying? Don’t let those moments slip by. Jump on them. Take that risk that seems scary. Ask her out even though you think she may say no. What do you have to lose? Maybe the best you would have ever had…

2 out of 4 stars



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