Stand Your Ground!

24 Mar

I just read an article, dated 12/05 discussing the new bill that passed in Florida called “Stand Your Ground”. Incredibly, the sponsor of the bill is an National Rifle Association member but doesn’t even own a rifle or a gun. He just thinks that Floridians should be able to kill people no matter where or whenever.

Fast forward to 2012, and a Black teen is shot dead by a neighborhood watch captain for carrying Skittles and an ice tea. Because of the 05′ bill, the watch captain is not arrested because he had blood on him. He is not arrested even though the 911 operator told the guy to back off as he tracks the teen down in the “nice” neighborhood.

Back to 05′, the “Stand Your Ground” bill is just an extension of another bill that allows homeowners to kill anyone who enters their homes without permission, as along as there is a presumption that the guy entering is intending to do great bodily harm or more. Give me a break! How is the homeowner supposed to know that? “Well, Mr. Police Officer I saw it in his eyes, he wanted to kill us.”

Back to 12′, I find it amazing how Black people are able to form rallies and protests like nobody else can. The “Occupy” movement has been occupying for awhile now and yesterday’s rallies and protests caught the attention of the President of the USA faster than the Occupiers have managed to do. The President even remarked, he  (the gunned down teen) looks like he could have been my son (without the hoody, of course). Yes, I bring up the hoody because Geraldo Rivera thinks that hoody worn by the teen signed his death warrant. I have to agree that the hoody does give off a certain aura about it that takes my thinking to gang bangers and the like.

Quite frankly I am surprised that I hadn’t heard about this “Stand Your Ground” bill before this recent incident. However, after this incident I don’t think “Stand Your Ground” has a chance to “Stand Around Much Longer”.


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