11 Apr

Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Alumni of Bob Jones University

Yesterday, we were moved by Harvard student Matthew Vines’s careful, well-reasoned, thoughtful video presentation and article on the Huffington Post about the Bible and homosexuality. We are re-posting it here. Matthew speaks from a uniquely conservative and Christian perspective. He has done meticulous research into the theological, linguistic, and cultural issues incumbent upon any serious student of the scriptures and he speaks passionately, persuasively from the viewpoint of a beloved child of God.

I love God. I also happen to be gay. In a better world, this would be no more interesting or noteworthy to people than loving God and happening to love, say, cheesecake. But of course, we all know that that isn’t the world we live in. And for some reason, a lot of people have a big problem with anyone who believes in God and is gay.  — Matthew Vines

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