What if you weren’t allowed to see your kid?

12 Apr

It has been over two weeks now since I have seen my nine year old daughter, YungHe. In those two weeks, I have personally visited my state capitol to visit my state representatives. I spoke with two reps for about an hour after being passed around by other well intentioned people. I stated my situation about YungHe and they promised me that they would at least take the next week to check with their colleagues and judges to see what can be done.

While I was talking to these reps, Larry and Wade informed me that my idea for a bill to ensure “at least” visitation for non bio/adoptive/step parents would not be popular with the Republicans because they are all about “family”. Of course, I didn’t want to hear their negativism but it goes with the territory as I found out. By the way, Republicans my daughter is “my” family.

Well, over two weeks have passed and I have yet to hear from Larry or Wade as promised. Yes, I have attempted to contact them via phone and email. A few days after I visited the capitol, I sent out a group email to all of the House Democrat reps asking for help for my situation. Believe or not, I received one reply. And she of course, did what politicians do, passed the buck. But at least she replied to my email. That was some effort. A few days after that, I sent a group email to all of the Democrat Senators and to this day, not one reply. As of today, I sent an email to Governor Mary Fallin asking for her help.

So, here I sit and wonder why no one understands the gravity of this situation. I have just had my nine year old daughter who I have raised for the last 8 years because her bio-father split as soon as he found out her mom was pregnant, ripped from me. I am not allowed to even see her for a minute. Why you ask, because her mom is a jealous and vindictive. I have done nothing wrong except love and care for YungHe as “my own”. Imagine for a minute, if someone came to your door today and said you can’t see your kid anymore. And there was nothing you could do about it. How would you feel? How would your kid feel? Yea, you are starting to see what I am feeling.

Do you know how many families are “blended” today in this country? Tons. And how many of those blended families break-up? Lots. So what happens? The bio mom or dad takes “their” kids and goes on their way while the non-bio parents are cut off from the kids they have been raising and investing in as their own. This isn’t right on so many levels! Kids need as many caring and loving adults in their lives as possible. Period! Why do think their is so much crime in this country? Kids shooting other kids. Kids on drugs. Kids dropping out of school. Kids ending up in the “system”. I have worked in the system for many years and have seen these kids. So when a loving and caring adult wants to be part of a kid’s life, what do we do, we say no. That is dead wrong!

I am not giving up. My daughter is too important to me and know that I am important to her. She probably has no idea what her mom has done to us. I have asked two churches to pray for my situation. I have asked family and friends to pray. I will be meeting with an attorney tomorrow and will be contacting an activist organization today to hopefully get some help. I ask that you pray for me and YungHe today and also ask that you value your kid a little more today than you did yesterday. You probably don’t know how good you really have it. But maybe you do. Good for you and your kid!


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