Eat more Blueberries and Less Sausage

22 Apr

This post is a response I made to an article from about the oldest living man, Jiroemon Kimura of Kyoto:

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this old bugger. We all know what it takes to live a long life. It is not a secret. But many of us choose not to live that way. We live for the moment. We don’t live like we want to make it to 115.

I don’t believe that God decides when our lives are over. There are diseases, deformities, natural disasters, accidents, mechanical failure, violent people, not taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically, etc. That is what causes death, not God.

I attended a funeral for a nice guy who was 49 recently. The preacher said that, God decided to take him home. BS. He died then because he wasn’t taking care of his body. He was very overweight and he died of a heart attack. Simple as that.

My grandpa is 92. He is very active and he takes care of himself.

Take care and be better to each other. We share this planet. Let’s take care of it, ourselves and each other better. Ok?


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