23 Apr

I didn’t keep my promise for a post about Weed on 420 on April 20th since I was on a road trip. 420 is the “secret” national holiday for marijuana users.

There are about 3-5 million cannabis users in this country alone, making it the most used illicit substance out there.The use of Mary Jane was actually legal until the mid-20th century, getting its biggest pop in users during alcohol prohibition. Today, “medical” cannabis is prescribed in some states like California, making it legal again.

Marijuana of the 60’s is not same as Mary Jane of today. Back then, THC (the main active ingredient in Weed) was at 1-5% strength. Today, the strength has blossomed to 10-18% THC. Meaning it takes a lot less cannabis to get high today than it did 50 years ago. One marijuana joint has the effect of 15 tobacco cigarettes on the respiratory system. Pot has at least 50% more tar and carcinogenic materials than cigs.

Heavy use of Weed (three joints per week) can lead to lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema (lung tissue breakdown). THC shuts down the marijuana receptor (anandamine) which results in slowing brain cells down. Did you know that our brain cells are 99% fat and cannabis thickens those brain cells to 400 times their normal size which results in the breakdown of communication between the cells.

Not only does it affect the communication between cells, it also impairs short/long term memory which, of course affects learning. My favorite is the amotivational syndrome which leads the user to only be interested in immediate gratification and causes a lack of ambition.

Although cannabis is not as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco (which I don’t recommend using either), it is still as you can read not so good for you. So next time 420 rolls around, doing something good for your mind and body, instead of the opposite.


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