Late Night Comedy

5 May

Move over Johnny, Letterman is the new king of Late Night Comedy…

Carson hailed from Iowa and got his start in the biz with a radio show called “Squirrel’s Nest” in the early 50’s. During his radio program he would “talk” to the pigeons hanging out at the courthouse. The pigeons would report to Johnny about the corruption going on in town. Carson then went onto host a popular game show “Who do you Trust?” where he found Ed McMahon, his sidekick for over 30 years. Carson took over the Tonight Show in 62′ and held on until 92′ when he retired.

Letterman was posed to take over Johnny in 92′ but the job went to Jay Leno. I think Dave still needs to talk to a therapist about how he was passed over for that post. However, Dave was given his own late, late show after Leno which worked for about 10 years until Letterman migrated over to CBS which cost CBS about 146 million to make room for Dave. Letterman also got his start in radio but was fired from one job for “treating classical music with irreverance”. That’s funny. I once attended the Chicago Symphony back in high school and laughed all the way thru the performance. I am with you, Dave.

Letterman went onto become a funny weatherman and then got a morning show in 80′ but it was canceled after only two Emmy winning seasons. Dave’s show has won 12 Emmys in his 30 years doing Late Night Comedy.

I was able to see Leno at the Improv in LA back in 88′, the same year he started guest hosting for Carson. I liked Leno much better doing stand-up than I do on his nightly sit-down show. I respect him for his no alcohol, no cigarettes, no gambling lifestyle. Although, the man has over 100 vehicles plus over 90 motorcycles. How many toys does one kid, oh I mean man need? Another interesting fact about Jay is that he has  a “funny” jaw. It’s called mandibular prognathism which he could have surgery for but chooses to forgo it to let his chin lead his way. Jay has also been married to the same woman since 80′, no kids.

Jimmy Kimmel is part of the next generation of Late Night comedians. Jimmy got his start in high school working for a college radio station. He moved up to Comedy Central until he started Jimmy Kimmel Live in 03′. The show was only live for a year until Kimmel said something offensive and now it is taped to check for offensiveness. I guess he has an ongoing feud with actor, Matt Damon. I think Matt started dating Jimmy’s ex or something. I got my first look at Mr. Kimmel when he hosted the Press and Obama last weekend. He was pretty darn funny.

Scottish born, Craig Ferguson has had the Late Night spot after Letterman since 05′. For the last few years, Craig’s ratings have beat out Conan and Fallon in the similar time slot. Craig became a U.S. citizen in 08′. He got his start in the biz with a band as a drummer. The lead singer for the bad suggested that Craig try comedy and he did. He got his big break as Drew Carey’s boss on the Drew Carey Show from 96′-03′. Off the subject, I don’t care for Drew as the host of the Price is Right. I miss Bob.

I haven’t watched Ferguson live yet, just caught a few YouTube clips recently. I like his style but he is hard to understand at times with that Scottish accent. Craig is the heir apparent to Letterman’s show when Dave retires in a couple of years.


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