Who is on first?

8 Jun

Who or what is at the top of your list when comes to your time and attention?

Most people would probably answer that question with kids and work.

Not a bad answer but not the best answer. The best answer must be God first, and your spouse or partner second.

You may ask from time to time, why is this world so screwed up? The answer is very simple, our priorities are screwed up. How many hours of  TV do we watch each week? How much time do we spend with God or serving him? You see the math adds up to our priorities are not right.

When we are with God (through study, prayer, serving, etc..), we are living a life that is right and just. When we are with TV, video games, hobbies, others, etc… more than we are not with God we are not living right and just.

Why do we have a better than 50% divorce rate? First, most individuals didn’t take the time to really know their partner before they said, “I do.” Second, they don’t have God at the center of their relationship. Third, they don’t take their problems to God for his wisdom and strength. They try to rely on themselves solely. Finally, they don’t give the time or attention to their relationship like it needs.

Why do we have high unemployment? First, companies are more concerned about making profits then they are to take care of their employees. They are not following the golden rule of God: love your neighbor as yourself. Second, companies (which are made up of individuals) do not have God at their center of their vision and mission.

Why do we have high crime rates? First, there are a lot of lost and confused people running around. They were most likely mistreated by their families and then by their communities. Second, they don’t have God in their lives. Why should they believe in God when they can’t even believe in their parents?

I could go on and on but I hope you get my point. Please put God first in your life and your spouse or partner second. Everything else will fall into place if you do that. I promise because God promises it. Thank you God. I love you.


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