Another Move…

11 Jun

I have officially lost count of how many times I have moved in my life. I kept a list of my moves up until about 20 years ago. Although, in the last 17 years I probably can narrow it down to 17 relocations and with my upcoming move to Ardmore, Oklahoma, that will be #18.

Wow, whew! That’s a lot of location changes. I am not in the military, although in my new position in Ardmore, I will be serving Veterans. I am not in the FBI or CIA. I wanted to be in the FBI, 23 years ago but then I realized I would be unable to carry a gun. I don’t like guns. I used to love guns when I was kid but once my Dad said “no” to by request for a BB gun, my interests went elsewhere.

Yes, at age 45.10 (mos), I have owned and sold five homes, all for a profit except the last one which I had to use a blood sucking realtor after the housing market crashed and burned. I have no plans at this moment of owning another home for sometime.

So you are probably asking by now, well, Darron why have you moved so much in your life? Very good question, thanks for asking. Well, it all started back in 1-9-6-8 (when Robert Kennedy should have been President not that crook). Oops, sorry keep politics out of it. My parents had a beautiful home constructed in a beautiful neighbor in Plymouth/Wayzata, Minnesota. We moved in, my parents, me and my older brother, yes it was heaven, just the four of us and a few pets.

This home was ideal and the best part, I joined forces with three other kids from the neighbor”hood” and we were called the Four Musketeers: Ty, Troy, Tommy and Me. Not only did I have the guys, I had the gals too. Yes, I started pursuing the opposite sex at a very early age. Hey, what can I say?

Life was good until 1-9-7-3 when I had just turned the big 7. My Dad announced that we would be moving to Dixon, Illinois because he had found a new job. What about all of the jobs in Minnesota, Dad? We packed up our stuff and shipped off for the great unknown, leaving behind everything and everyone I had ever known and loved. Life would never be the same again.

I am still amazed by the statistic that over 50% of Americans have never left their hometown. Boy, did I leave my hometown, never to return and never to really find a “real” home again. I see a place to live as interchangeable to changing clothes. When you got to move, you got to move.

I have started to put down roots in 10 towns/cities in my life, including a summer in Wagga Wagga, Australia all to be uprooted for another destination. Ardmore will be #11.

I lived in Ponca City, Ok from Oct. 99′ to Sept. 05′ and now for the last two plus years. I really thought that PC would be it for me. I have a church that I like. I have a 12-step group that is like family. My mom lives here. PC is a small town but not too small (yes, Dad we have first run movies in our one theater). PC has a couple nice lakes (living by water is always a plus for me). I got involved in the Kay County Democrats (yes even in a state where the majority is the other party). The girls that I raised for eight years live here (and unlike a lot of men, I wanted to stay involved in my girls’ lives after the break-up with their mom).

It’s sad but exciting to be moving again. I think moving makes my character stronger. I will have the challenges of a new job, new place to rest my head at night, making new friends. It’s hard to leave those behind I’ve come to trust and love, but at least I will only be about three hours away so I can visit often.

The most important point is that God will be with me every step of the way and with that I know I will be just fine.


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