Move Accomplished!

16 Jun

It all started about 48 hours ago. I got up at 6 am and packed the Jimmy (GMC stopped making the model after mine came off the line in 01′) with my 32″ TV (my Dad’s TV is twice as wide, like a movie screen), wall hangings (nothing expensive except maybe for my oil painting of Niagara Falls which I need to get restored), microwave, boom box (it is my stereo equipment), and bedding. Yup, the Jimmy was full up.

I then finished packing. I think it is best to pack when the “real” deadline is upon you, nothing of this packing in advance for weeks. Actually, I only had about 7 days once I accepted the job offer in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I cleaned the bathroom (first time in 9 months, just kidding?) and then it was off to turn in my internet modem to CableOne. Since they had turned my service a day early (they weren’t supposed to), I was a little miffed and wanted a token credit for my whatever. The Cable Gal (not guy) apologized for upsetting me. I didn’t realize I was wearing upset but I assured her it wasn’t her fault. 

I went on to pick up my 14 foot UHAUL truck from TJ. TJ’s place was burned to the ground in 08′ by an 18 year old who is now serving 66 years in the BIG house. His little, old grandma, the getaway driver only received a one year suspended sentence. She claimed that she didn’t know what he was doing (as he placed safe after safe in her trunk and watched the buildings burn in her rear view mirror). 

I signed the documents to rent the truck and trailer for two days. If you have never rented a truck before, the paperwork involved is comparable to buying a home for life. I loaded up my faithful helper, will call him Zed to protect his identity from the Mob (are they still around?) and headed back to my lush, one bedroom, 2nd story apartment. 

I had recruited Zed about two months ago when I realized that I probably couldn’t secure employment in Ponca City, Oklahoma. I started applying for jobs all over the state and Zed assured me that he would help me load, travel, unload, and travel back when the time came. Thank God (literally) I got the idea to rent a trailer for the Jimmy so I wouldn’t have to travel and then travel back with Zed and then return to my new home. Only one glitch, I needed someone to help me unload once I got to Ardmore by myself. 

No problem said my new employer, we will find someone for you. Well, you know me, Mr. Trusting, I let it go until the day before my move. I called my new employer and she said they couldn’t find anyone to help me unload. All I need is someone to help me unload my super couch and three drawer dresser. But God is great and I called my new landlady, will call her Dorothea, oops that’s her real name and told her my situation. She immediately offered up her maintenance man. Whew, thank you Dorothea, the woman who didn’t even know how to send a fax. I will trust you. May the force be with me…

Back to the loading, Zed wasn’t a very good helper. He liked to sit down a lot and only carried one box at a time. When he helped me with a two-man task, he had difficulty finding hand holds and then would carry at a very slow rate. As you know, when you are loading, you want to move as fast as possible so you don’t have to hold stuff too long. It turned out to be a 3 1/2 hour load instead of a planned one hour load. Thank God (again literally) for my faithful friend Ron who saved the day with his brilliance and skills, even though he has a bad back. 

As I was about to leave PC, I asked Zed how much I owed him for his “trouble”. He said $10 because he took a lot of breaks (really?). I gave him more but hey, that is the kind of guy I am. BTW, Zed is also a friend, not just a hired hand. Ron refused any monetary funds but I insisted and gave him a Lincoln to buy breakfast. 

The trip down to Ardmore from PC was smooth as silk. I played 94.7 The Brew and cruised to the tunes, especially White Snake’s “Here I Go Again” so appropriate for my time in life. I didn’t stop at all, less than a 200 mile journey. When I was about 20 miles out from my destination, right smack dab in the Arbuckle Mountains, I got a message that the gas was low and I had about 50 miles to go before the liquid ran out. I thought, no problem, I only have 20 miles to go. Well, climbing up those mountains (really hills to me), the message showed that the miles of gas to go was expending faster than I was moving. Would I make it? The suspense was killing me. I, of course, played that suspenseful music from the movies as I motored on. 

I made it to Ardmore with 20 miles of gas left. Whew! I only unloaded a little that day because I was wiped from the morning. Jack, the maintenance man was very helpful but he smelled of alcohol, not good. I called it a night and headed over to the Sporting News Bar and Grill to watch the Thunder game since CableOne couldn’t get me scheduled for an “install” until the next day. Before I left for the Grill, I came across a man about my age walking his Basset Hound. I don’t think I ever seen a real, live Basset Hound before. They are long with floppy ears. The man, I will call him Bob said that his dog drools a lot. 

Well, Bob told me that he was a Christian recording artist. Wow, Bob is the second artist I had met in the last two months. Bob also told me that his wife of 13 years had left him in February. We chatted and decided right then and there that we would be friends. Later he dropped off his music CD on my porch. Isn’t that amazing? Sometimes friendships take years to find and others are made in just an instant. 

The next day, I unloaded the truck by myself except for the super couch and dresser. Later in the day, Jack assisted me with the last two items and I was finally done. I took the truck back about six blocks from where I live now and walked back. I was going to take a dip in the pool but it was closed since we had a speck of rain in the morning. The water had to be tested by Dorothea’s hubby before it was safe. Oh well, I still had to deal with the Cable Guy (not gal). Usually (remember I’ve moved a lot in my life) the Cable Guy gets it done in a matter of minutes. This guy, I didn’t get his name (probably for the better) took over 2 1/2 hours to get me “connected”. Plus, I got the speech about how they don’t hook up “third party devices”. Do you know why? Because they don’t know how to hook them up even though he said he could. Too funny, not really. Then I spent 25 minutes talking to this sexy voiced woman from CableOne about registering my high speed internet to CableOne. We talked about the Ellen Show, she doesn’t like talk shows. She would rather sleep or play with the dogs. 

Well, about 48 hours later, my cats are happy, I’m happy, another move is in the books. God, please don’t move me again for awhile. Please….



4 Responses to “Move Accomplished!”

  1. sven June 16, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

    Was it the same cable company? I’m surprised u had to turn in the modem if they were…sounds like your patience was tested several times. I’m always working on being more patient. Glad u didn’t get hurt and arrived safe!

  2. Norma June 16, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

    You are a trouper for sure!!!I too am glad you are safe and once again in a nest!!

  3. Eric Vanman June 16, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Amazing story!

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