New Job

23 Jun

I just finished my first week on my new job. I am not sure if time flies by faster with or without a job but this week flew by. 

I had some apprehension about this new job since my last job didn’t end so well. And since I really don’t count that as a job, the fact that I haven’t worked in my field of clinical social work in over two years. I turned it over to my creator and asked for strength before the week started. I must say the week went pretty well.

The first day was orientation with two other employees and the trainer. As you know, it is very interesting reviewing policy and procedure, especially in the medical field in which I have never worked in. My two new co-workers were pretty negative, both even stating that they hate the city I now dwell. I didn’t let their negativity get to me since the trainer, a 13 year employee seemed very committed and positive. 

After the first day, I took a dip in my park’s pool and felt good to be back among the working. The second day was pretty much like the first, more policy and procedure. We even had to take “tests” to make sure we understood the material. It’s interesting to observe other employees reacting to the new employee. Some are very friendly and some just avoid you. I was trying to remember as many names and faces as I went along. I am used to working in small agencies, less than 10 employees and my new agency has over 240 employees, plus 175 residents. That’s a lot of people to meet and greet.

The third day was pretty uneventful but the fourth day was the best. I had an inservice with eight other supervisors. I walked in two minutes late. Yes, I was late 40% of the time my first week on the job for a total of four minutes. However, the inservice hadn’t started yet. I got mostly blank looks when I walked in since nobody knew who the heck I was. The position I filled has been open for over a year so people were surprised I was the new clinical social worker director. 

Of course, I broke the ice and asked everybody about everybody’s favorite topic, food. I asked about a particular restaurant in town and they all had their two cents. I found out who has the best cinnamon rolls (Grandys), the best Mexican (I know mom, you don’t like Mexican) and even the best pizza in the whole state of Oklahoma. The nurse who shared that sounded like the name of the place is Salmonella and that got a big laugh. What she was actually saying was “Sam and Ella’s” in Tahlequah. I also learned that day that I ask a lot of questions. I asked the HR Director at break if I was asking too many questions and she said no, you are asking questions that others’ want to ask but don’t.

During this inservice, I met another new employee who was originally from Wisconsin so you know what that means, he is a Packers fan even though he hasn’t lived in “the state that recently blew the governor recall election” since 70′. I, of course, told him I was originally from Minnesota and the battle was on. Of course, by the end of the day, he found out that I shared a bedroom (in different beds) in college with the biggest Packers fan in the world, and  that we are still good friends to this day. 

The final day of the week was a bit scattered since I waiting for my office to be ready for my use so I remained in the training room for most of the day. I finally got to talk with my boss during lunch and we had a very productive talk. I laid out where I saw I could best be utilized and she agreed. I like when bosses agree with me. I found out from her about the scandal that rocked my new place of work that led to five top positions getting the ax, including the last clinical social worker. 

Yes, as the week came to a close, I realized that that I had only met a handful of residents and about 30 employees. I feel so honored and blessed to be working and serving the men and women who served our country during the last 60 years. I hope I can give them an ounce of what they have given us.


4 Responses to “New Job”

  1. Norma June 23, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    very well written and expressed—I do eat taco salads!lol–

  2. Ronald Weber June 23, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    An amazingy descriptive expression of your first week. Your new job appears to be a wonderful opportunity to use your gifts that include caring well for others, striving for what’s right (Justice), and helping people cope well with life. My best wishes for continued good weeks to follow.

    BTW: The recording will be there when I can find the master/original and get CD made.

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