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29 Jul

Last night I had the pleasure to praise and worship with a Christian recording artist at the Upper Room in Ponca City. I brought my 9 1/2 year old daughter with me. Sadly, there were only a little more than a handful of others with us in the Upper Room.

While Y (what I call my daughter since I go by D) and I were waiting for the praise to start, a little boy about 11 approached us with a very disfigured face. He wanted to know our names and ages. commented to me how tough he must have it, with his disfigurement and she felt sad for him. I remarked that though the little boy may not look so good on the outside, he looked great on the inside.

I showed a picture of a little girl who had no arms but was drawing. I asked her to remember that little girl next time she was complaining about doing homework or housework. The little girl just wants us to TRY!

I am so glad that I didn’t stop trying to get a new job. I wanted to quit at times but God gave me the strength  and courage to motor on and he led me to the best job of my middle aged career. Recently, a friend of mine sent me some job postings with higher salaries than what I make at my current job. I was tempted at first, then realized, I am getting the perfect salary at the perfect place, why would I want to jeopardize that for  a few more bucks? No thanks. (Update: I lost this job on 10-5-12 to the woman who had been fired in my position because she won her case with the merit commission).

As you know, we live in very cynical times. Nobody seems to do anything right anymore. Poor customer service. Corrupt politicians who don’t represent the people. People not following Christ. You get my point.

Living with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE changes most of that. You appreciate the little stuff like the guy yesterday who opened the door for me and Y. Or my hairdresser who actually listened to what I had to say while she gave me the perfect haircut. Or one of my colleagues who took it upon herself to help me with two projects. Or another colleague who gave her time to make sure I got the information I needed. Or the resident who wanted to buy me a fried pie because he likes the job I am doing. Or the homeless guy who said thank you when I helped him find a homeless shelter when he arrived in Houston.

Yes, God gives me and you plenty of opportunities to practice an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE if we just open our eyes, hearts, ears and minds to the goodness that he provides vs. the not so goodness that man creates. God Bless!


Mass Murder Rampage AGAIN

22 Jul

12…12…12…KILLED with maybe more to come out of the other 58 WOUNDED in Friday’s Mass Murder Rampage in Colorado, the same state that was the site of the 99′ Columbine HS Mass Murder Rampage.

What can be done about these senseless rampages? First, before I walk off that cliff, my prayers go out to the wounded and to the victims’ families/friends/co-workers.

If you refer back to my 4/16 post entitled, “Anniversary Time for Massacres”, I proposed some ideas there. But today, I will provide more ideas to stop this type of horrific activity.

So in the 4 most infamous massacres since 99′: Columbine, Virginia Tech (07′), Fort Hood (09′) and now Aurora, CO, what are the common threads running thru these horrors?

First off, all of the killers were most likely suffering from mental illness. Yea, of course, Darron, you have to be “insane” to carry out these mass murders. Well, well, “insanity” is not the point. The point is: all of these mass murders could have been possibly prevented if the killers’ mental illnesses would have been treated properly and earlier.

When the alleged Aurora killer dropped suddenly out of college and started to isolate, where was the help? There was none. Today, people are too busy to be bothered by some guy who suddenly appears to have a major behavior shift. Then think: he is a smart guy, he will get over it. He doesn’t need my help. Oh, guess what? He needed help (BAD). Now, he is alleged to have killed 12 innocent humans, including a 6 y/o child who had her whole life ahead of her.

Second, why do we (citizens of this great country) allow a person to purchase 6,000 rounds of ammunition? Why does he need with that much ammunition? Let’s see…shoot up a movie theater full of innocent people. Next question, why does a “responsible” person need to have an assault rifle, shot gun and two pistols? That’s not responsible, that’s insane. Mr. Holmes walked into that movie theater on Friday night with an assault rifle fitted with a drum clip of 100 rounds. Why do we allow drum clips capable of 100 rounds out the door? Well, the easy answer is the National Rifle Association. The more challenging answer is the second amendment of the Constitution.

Have you ever read the Second Amendment in detail? Probably not. I have, and the whole essence of it was (needs to be updated) to allow Americans (after the American Revolutionary War) to possess weapons in case the government needed to form militias again to protect its interests. Our early brothers and sisters didn’t have the Defense Department with its zillions of dollars being spent on nuclear weapons we don’t need and defense systems that won’t work so they needed the informal structure of militias in place. Well, fast forward 236 years and we now have militias that stockpile weapons (because they can) and try to carry out their hate agendas like against homosexuals and other minority groups, including our President.

Lastly, I get really tired of hearing NRA members spew out that “Guns don’t kill people, People kill people.” Yes, people kill people because they CHOOSE to use weapons like an assault weapon with a drum clip loaded with 100 rounds to mow down innocent, I repeat innocent people who are just trying to go to school, go to work or even watch their favorite movie.

In 1994, a Republican controlled Congress passed the assault weapons ban, banning over 19 assault weapons like the AK-47 but the ban expired during W.’s term and here we sit, once again scratching our heads. Why does this keep happening? In 90′, 78% of Americans wanted stricter gun control. Fast forward to 04′, and 54% wanted stricter laws on the books and just last year, only 42% want you know what. What happened during those 21 years? Well, first gun control is a “loser” on the National Political scene. Second, the NRA and its sponsors have done a “bang” up job of making people think they will be safer with an assault rifle with a drum clip strapped to their body.

I once again plea to stop this INSANITY, you may be the next INNOCENT victim. God Bless

Google Search Users Don’t Understand Kids

22 Jul

Google Search Users Don’t Understand Kids.

EGO: Edging God Out

15 Jul

As you have noticed since I started my blog mid-January that I have shared some pretty private material with you. Well, this time is no different.

Yesterday, I let my EGO get the best of me and it created an unpleasant hour. At the time, of course, I didn’t know it was my EGO, I just thought I was right. I didn’t listen to GOD about it until after my prayer this morning and then it hit me like a MAC truck.

You see, as you know, I have been working a recovery program for 17 years and I have learned that I need to be open to GOD at all times so he can teach me what I need to learn and yesterday I didn’t do that. But, I am not perfect as all of us aren’t and I still make mistakes but I choose to learn from them so I can be better for God and my fellow man.

In the situation yesterday, I thought I knew best about how to help someone I didn’t even know. Just because of my experience, I thought I had the answers, but I was wrong. Not only did I think I knew best for a complete stranger, but I also hurt the person I have a friendship with(emotionally & spiritually). When my “advice” was not accepted, I turned it (my anger) on that person I care about which in turn led to a very unpleasant hour. Since she is a very forgiving person, she didn’t let it ruin the rest of the day.

However, today after my morning prayer, I apologized to her that I let my EGO get the best of me yesterday. She, of course,  forgave me. Not only did I hurt her yesterday with the POWER of my EGO, I had also “threatened” her that her insolence in that matter could lead to a break of our friendship. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the EGO can be a very damaging.

Thank you God for restoring my humility through your grace and continue to help me to learn and grow so I may be closer to you and my fellow man. By the way, before my recovery program, I would have ended the friendship on the spot. I would have stayed angry for a very long time until I had drank enough alcohol to relieve me of my self induced misery. God Bless.

The Absolute Truth on Finding A Partner

14 Jul

The Absolute Truth on Finding A Partner.

Can’t We Just Get Along?

8 Jul

R.I.P Rodney King

Yes, Mr. King died in his swimming pool recently if you hadn’t heard yet. If you even care. I believe you should care.

Obviously, Mr. King didn’t live a saintly life but his life did mean something as all of our lives do.

Mr. King tried to outrun the police back in early 1992. And as what usually happens when one tries to outrun the police (face it, you are outnumbered), he was stopped. What happened after that is clear. He was beaten to a pulp by several police officers. There can be no debate about this, it was filmed and shared to the entire world. What were those officers thinking as they beat Mr. King repeatedly? Only those inhumane cops and the devil really know.

After the officers involved in the public lynching, oh I meant “beating” of a Black man, were acquitted by some ignorant jurors (our justice system doesn’t always work, oh, I am sorry to disappoint you) all “hell broke loose” in part of L.A. Residents acted like savages and torn the place up. Ever heard of the appeal process? Well, anyway, during the destruction and violence, Mr. King humbly pleaded, “Can’t We Just Get Along” in hopes (I think) to quell the insanity. This guy was just beaten “almost” to death and his beaters are let off without punishment and he asks, can’t we just get along?

If a man like Mr. King can believe this, why can’t the rest of us believe it too?

I am so tired of this county’s citizens at odds with each other (whatever the issue might be at the time). Why can’t we just get along? Didn’t our parents and teachers preach this to us as children? Mine did and I really try hard to get along with everyone I meet (in person or online). Why is it so hard to get along with others? We all have the same needs and wants. We need to be loved. We need to give love. We need to eat and sleep. We need to try to be productive citizens by using our God-given talents. We want to be safe. We want people to be fair to us because we try to be fair to them. We want to be understood so we can understand our neighbors better.

I don’t have any answers to Mr. King’s question today. I will turn it over to you to think about what you can do in our life to “to get along” with those around you. God Bless U!

Don’t Cancel Me Please!

1 Jul

It was a great week this week in the mighty United States of America. The Supreme Court which got the last two big decisions wrong, got this one right by upholding the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009.

However, the right wingers are not happy at all! They didn’t see this one coming. They thought since they had two slam dunks (W. over Gore in 00′ and the allowing corporations to be counted as citizens in campaign funding), this health care act would be another slam dunk. Sorry Charlie! Finally, Good triumphed over Evil and now millions of citizens will have health insurance and this will create over four million new jobs in the health care field (more people with health insurance means the need for more health care workers).

Even the Great President Clinton and his Brilliant Wife couldn’t pull off what Obama has done and some Americans want to impeach Obama or not re-elect him. Are you kidding me? No, they aren’t kidding. They have just lost their common sense and dignity along with their heart and conscience.

Donna Brazile, national columnist wrote, “insurance companies can’t drop them, can’t jack up their premiums, and pre-exisiting conditions won’t disqualify these people.” She went on to write, “The (2009) law will prevent health insurance companies from canceling policies, denying you coverage, or charging women more than men.”

Hmm…what’s the problem right wingers? I thought this country was built on justice for all. Well, this law provides long overdue justice for millions. Brazile went on to write, “(We will be receiving a) rebate because their insurance company spent too much of their premium on administration costs or CEO bonuses.” So sorry, those rich CEOs are finally receiving justice too. Ha Ha.

Sarah Palin (good looking woman) but has a box of rocks for a brain. She really should stay out of politics and just be a middle aged model. She only served half her term as governor of Alaska but she acts like she has been the President of the United States of America. She said that states will apply the 10th amendment to the Constitution and fight this 2009 law. Brazile countered that by writing, “States will have the opportunity to opt out of this provision (Medicaid expansion); yet those that do will do so at the expense of their poorest citizens.”

As the 4th of July quickly approaches, this is the first 4th in a long time that this great country has something to really celebrate!