Don’t Cancel Me Please!

1 Jul

It was a great week this week in the mighty United States of America. The Supreme Court which got the last two big decisions wrong, got this one right by upholding the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009.

However, the right wingers are not happy at all! They didn’t see this one coming. They thought since they had two slam dunks (W. over Gore in 00′ and the allowing corporations to be counted as citizens in campaign funding), this health care act would be another slam dunk. Sorry Charlie! Finally, Good triumphed over Evil and now millions of citizens will have health insurance and this will create over four million new jobs in the health care field (more people with health insurance means the need for more health care workers).

Even the Great President Clinton and his Brilliant Wife couldn’t pull off what Obama has done and some Americans want to impeach Obama or not re-elect him. Are you kidding me? No, they aren’t kidding. They have just lost their common sense and dignity along with their heart and conscience.

Donna Brazile, national columnist wrote, “insurance companies can’t drop them, can’t jack up their premiums, and pre-exisiting conditions won’t disqualify these people.” She went on to write, “The (2009) law will prevent health insurance companies from canceling policies, denying you coverage, or charging women more than men.”

Hmm…what’s the problem right wingers? I thought this country was built on justice for all. Well, this law provides long overdue justice for millions. Brazile went on to write, “(We will be receiving a) rebate because their insurance company spent too much of their premium on administration costs or CEO bonuses.” So sorry, those rich CEOs are finally receiving justice too. Ha Ha.

Sarah Palin (good looking woman) but has a box of rocks for a brain. She really should stay out of politics and just be a middle aged model. She only served half her term as governor of Alaska but she acts like she has been the President of the United States of America. She said that states will apply the 10th amendment to the Constitution and fight this 2009 law. Brazile countered that by writing, “States will have the opportunity to opt out of this provision (Medicaid expansion); yet those that do will do so at the expense of their poorest citizens.”

As the 4th of July quickly approaches, this is the first 4th in a long time that this great country has something to really celebrate!


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