Can’t We Just Get Along?

8 Jul

R.I.P Rodney King

Yes, Mr. King died in his swimming pool recently if you hadn’t heard yet. If you even care. I believe you should care.

Obviously, Mr. King didn’t live a saintly life but his life did mean something as all of our lives do.

Mr. King tried to outrun the police back in early 1992. And as what usually happens when one tries to outrun the police (face it, you are outnumbered), he was stopped. What happened after that is clear. He was beaten to a pulp by several police officers. There can be no debate about this, it was filmed and shared to the entire world. What were those officers thinking as they beat Mr. King repeatedly? Only those inhumane cops and the devil really know.

After the officers involved in the public lynching, oh I meant “beating” of a Black man, were acquitted by some ignorant jurors (our justice system doesn’t always work, oh, I am sorry to disappoint you) all “hell broke loose” in part of L.A. Residents acted like savages and torn the place up. Ever heard of the appeal process? Well, anyway, during the destruction and violence, Mr. King humbly pleaded, “Can’t We Just Get Along” in hopes (I think) to quell the insanity. This guy was just beaten “almost” to death and his beaters are let off without punishment and he asks, can’t we just get along?

If a man like Mr. King can believe this, why can’t the rest of us believe it too?

I am so tired of this county’s citizens at odds with each other (whatever the issue might be at the time). Why can’t we just get along? Didn’t our parents and teachers preach this to us as children? Mine did and I really try hard to get along with everyone I meet (in person or online). Why is it so hard to get along with others? We all have the same needs and wants. We need to be loved. We need to give love. We need to eat and sleep. We need to try to be productive citizens by using our God-given talents. We want to be safe. We want people to be fair to us because we try to be fair to them. We want to be understood so we can understand our neighbors better.

I don’t have any answers to Mr. King’s question today. I will turn it over to you to think about what you can do in our life to “to get along” with those around you. God Bless U!


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