EGO: Edging God Out

15 Jul

As you have noticed since I started my blog mid-January that I have shared some pretty private material with you. Well, this time is no different.

Yesterday, I let my EGO get the best of me and it created an unpleasant hour. At the time, of course, I didn’t know it was my EGO, I just thought I was right. I didn’t listen to GOD about it until after my prayer this morning and then it hit me like a MAC truck.

You see, as you know, I have been working a recovery program for 17 years and I have learned that I need to be open to GOD at all times so he can teach me what I need to learn and yesterday I didn’t do that. But, I am not perfect as all of us aren’t and I still make mistakes but I choose to learn from them so I can be better for God and my fellow man.

In the situation yesterday, I thought I knew best about how to help someone I didn’t even know. Just because of my experience, I thought I had the answers, but I was wrong. Not only did I think I knew best for a complete stranger, but I also hurt the person I have a friendship with(emotionally & spiritually). When my “advice” was not accepted, I turned it (my anger) on that person I care about which in turn led to a very unpleasant hour. Since she is a very forgiving person, she didn’t let it ruin the rest of the day.

However, today after my morning prayer, I apologized to her that I let my EGO get the best of me yesterday. She, of course,  forgave me. Not only did I hurt her yesterday with the POWER of my EGO, I had also “threatened” her that her insolence in that matter could lead to a break of our friendship. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the EGO can be a very damaging.

Thank you God for restoring my humility through your grace and continue to help me to learn and grow so I may be closer to you and my fellow man. By the way, before my recovery program, I would have ended the friendship on the spot. I would have stayed angry for a very long time until I had drank enough alcohol to relieve me of my self induced misery. God Bless.


One Response to “EGO: Edging God Out”

  1. Norma July 19, 2012 at 3:58 am #

    I will be sure to indicate that I have read your blog dearest son

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