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Being 46: Day 21

30 Aug

Day 21: 

* Yes, I watched four speakers @ the RNC last night.

* Huckabee accused our President of infanticide.

* Martinez, NM governor talked about herself.

* Rice, former discriminated against because she was black in AL but doesn’t see the current discrimination in AL.

* And then there was Ryan from Janesville, WI, where I lived in 07′ because I was promised a job and then it was taken away, who has signed every major bill in the last 10 years for big government spending but now, gov’t spending is bad. He said, it is simple, don’t spend more than we have. Hmmm. Yes, the repugs all flash and no sense.

* The leader of an agency to protect state workers wouldn’t allow me to file an appeal. She hasn’t heard the last of me.

* A guy fixing my phone, was in such a hurry that he kept turning to leave before all of the problems were addressed.

* Another guy fixing my computer was very kind, gracious and actually sent the guy above to my office. I had tried email and calls to no avail.

* I only have 24 hours left in my current position at work but hey, at least I am still employed. How would you like to have someone come back from the past and take your position? Believe me, it sucks big time!

Please do your part to make this country better.


Being 46: Day 20

28 Aug

Day 20:


* Some idiot actually paid 260 million for a car. Gimme me a break!

* When someone sends you a text or email or message or leaves a voice mail, respond back!!!

* Sometimes when u r trying to accomplish something, it’s like pissing in the wind.

* I just don’t understand people who just work for money instead of the people whom they are supposed to be serving.

* A guy on his “deathbed” is killed in a vehicle accident on the way back from the hospital.

* Women, do u want there to be differences between the sexes?

* When u are down? Where is the help? We were put on this earth to help one another. Don’t forget that? And that includes more than just family members.

Have a delicious day!!

Being 46: Day 19

26 Aug

Day 19:

Good Sunday! Please take time to relax today…


* Well, the Twins vs Rangers game in Arlington, TX was cool. My team lost but not unexpected.

* Professional sports teams’ venue seating is made for a 10 year old kid, not a plus 200 lb man.

* The price of a Coke was a little less than the price of Coke at the movie theater.

* I got a free bobblehead of the manager of the Rangers. I will cherish that. Not.

* Don’t bring kids to the ballgame, all they want to do is spend your hard earned money. Oh, I am sorry, that’s what kids do.

* Whoever designed the parking at the Ballpark in Arlington needs some common sense.

* I got to witness where the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington, not Dallas. Also, a parking nightmare.

* My longest lasting “real” friend called me and that made my day.

* I also got a free Grand Slam at Denny’s at the ballgame. The Rangers didn’t score in the 6 or 7th innings so I didn’t get a free taco from Taco Bueno. Probably for the best.

Being 46: Day 18

25 Aug

Day 18:

* My high school coach of almost 30 years ago invited me to attend the Guilford HS Hall of Fame dinner next weekend. Pretty cool. Wish I could be there but it was too short of notice.

* Going to my first MLB game in a long time today. Looking forward to it even though my Minnesota Twins are in last place in their division. It will be good to see the best catcher in baseball, Joe Mauer.

* It’s fun observing my neighbors and their comings and goings.

* AT&T screwed up my account but they were kind enough to fix it.

* I heard about two long time (over 20 years) marriages come to an end this week. That must be tough. I really think the pastor should just say instead of staying together “forever”, say until one of the two gets tired of the other.

* Oh, did I tell you, God has blessed me with 171/2 years of sobriety today. Simply Amazing!

Look for the good in others first. I know it is hard to do (well at least for me).

Being 46: Day 17

24 Aug

Day 17:

* Married women seem to be attracted to me. Where are the single ladies?

* God is Good!

* Love and Tolerance

* Anger is a great motivator for positive change.

* If u haven’t watched Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom, “Anger Management”, u are missing out.

* Some people get u and some just don’t and that is ok.

* Now, we know the truth about how Lance won all of those titles, just like Sosa & McGuire & Bonds, it’s called drugs.


Do something for someone else today just to be kind…

Being 46: Day 16

23 Aug

Day 16:

* Sorry had technical difficulty last night and couldn’t post.

* My boss, medical provider and my former therapist pissed me off yesterday.

* Changed hypertension meds, hopefully this one won’t make me feel like I am going to faint at any minute.

* Still making decision about what I should do in the job situation.

* Turned down a possible job yesterday.

* I asked someone to call me and still haven’t called.

* Some people just don’t have the “motivation” to move forward.

* The other day, a lady remarked that people like to hear the TRUTH. Not so.

* I am going to AA today for sure.


Others think they know what is best for u but only u and God know that.

Note: I have skipped Day 15.

Being 46: Day 14

22 Aug

Day 14:

* What do you do when you can’t stop thinking about someone?

* I turned a non-friend into a friend today with my wit and charm.

* I like it when someone wants a do-over.

* I love working with people.

* I got good news today and it was a big relief to hear.


Tell yourself something positive everyday…