Being 46: Day 2

10 Aug

On my 46th birthday (8/8), I started keeping track of some  my thoughts and observations that I have daily during the coming year…

Day 2: 

* I received a book as a gift, outlining the “answers to the Bible”. With that gift, I realized there are only three answers that I live my life by from the Bible. First, love God. Second, love Others. Third, the only way to Heaven (my hometown) is through God’s son.

* Definitely keep my expectations of others low but keep them high for myself.

* A person who has been very important to me for about 9 years, didn’t even call or text me on my birthday and that hurts (but she did apologize today).

* Some people just don’t know how to let go and let God.

* A little sex advice: don’t wait for both of you to be in the mood…don’t deny your lover’s desires, u will only being hurting them and possibly the relationship.

* I noticed that sociopaths like O.J., Scott Peterson, ….like to golf (why is that?).

* I am done with organized religion. I will stick with my brand of spirituality.

* I heard on the radio about this woman who was “instantly healed” of her alcoholism. Alcohol is just a symptom of the disease.

God Bless!


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