Being 46: Day 3

10 Aug

My daily observations and random thoughts continue..

Day 3:

* Talk about forgiveness. The Japanese allowing the grandson of the guy who dropped two atomic bombs, killing thousands on two of their cities as they remember the days, 67 years ago when these terrible massacres happened.

* I really thought I was losing my third straight job in less than a year, but God put up the DEFENSE and I still have my job.

* What was Japan thinking when they attacked us on 12/7/41 (only two days after my Mom was born)? Talk about stupid!

* I will be glad when the Olympics are over. I grew up thinking the Olympics were about amateur athletes competing for gold, then they turn pro.

* I must say I enjoyed both the new Spiderman and Batman movies, but preferred Spidey for its love story. Hathaway and Stone are smoking (mean hot, not cigarettes-yuck!)

* Yes, I was betrayed by person whom I thought was a friend, but in the last 8 weeks, have made a “for sure” lifetime friend.

God Bless


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