Being 46: Day 4

11 Aug

Wow, keeping track of my thoughts and observations daily is hard work, having to see the truth on “paper”.

Day 4: 

* It has been a rough start to being 46. Major job change ahead, lost a “love”, lost a “daughter”, lost a “friend”, disappointed once again by someone significant in my life…

* On a lighter note, Burger King just rolled out new breakfast burritos: better than Sonic’s or Braum’s but the wait in drive thru was too long but I guess worth it.

* First time in my 30 years of “maintaining” vehicles and yesterday, the oil change place wanted to charge me to put window wiper fluid in. Wow!

* I am glad the “professional” Olympics will be over on 8/13. Now, all of the American medal winners can pay Uncle Sam for their winnings. Not right!

* Did you know that I attempted to break the Guiness Book of Word Records’ mark in pogo stick jumping when I was 10?

* The (former) homeless, 20 y/0 I helped a couple weeks ago, called me last night and reported that he is doing great, got a job and a place to live. Thanks God!

God Bless


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