Being 46: Days 6 & 7

14 Aug

Day 6:

* What do you do after someone totally puts u down one day and the next day they want you to forgive them?

* I really have been an “outsider” for most of my life. “Outsiders” just don’t fit in no matter where they are.

Day 7:

* Who wants to hear bad news? Bad news sells, but when you share personal bad news with someone, they really don’t want to hear it. It makes them feel uncomfortable.

* Sorry, I didn’t post Day 6 yesterday. I fell asleep early, but it’s all good, I can just combine the days.

* Who do u really trust? Honestly, I bet u count them on one hand (if you have all five fingers).

* Have we become a country full of people who think they are “entitled”? I think we have. No one should think they are entitled. This country was built on hard work and sweat.

* What is your favorite song of all time? Wait for it…keep thinking…I have several favorite songs depending on my mood and what I am doing.

God Bless


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