Being 46: Day 18

25 Aug

Day 18:

* My high school coach of almost 30 years ago invited me to attend the Guilford HS Hall of Fame dinner next weekend. Pretty cool. Wish I could be there but it was too short of notice.

* Going to my first MLB game in a long time today. Looking forward to it even though my Minnesota Twins are in last place in their division. It will be good to see the best catcher in baseball, Joe Mauer.

* It’s fun observing my neighbors and their comings and goings.

* AT&T screwed up my account but they were kind enough to fix it.

* I heard about two long time (over 20 years) marriages come to an end this week. That must be tough. I really think the pastor should just say instead of staying together “forever”, say until one of the two gets tired of the other.

* Oh, did I tell you, God has blessed me with 171/2 years of sobriety today. Simply Amazing!

Look for the good in others first. I know it is hard to do (well at least for me).


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