Being 46: Day 19

26 Aug

Day 19:

Good Sunday! Please take time to relax today…


* Well, the Twins vs Rangers game in Arlington, TX was cool. My team lost but not unexpected.

* Professional sports teams’ venue seating is made for a 10 year old kid, not a plus 200 lb man.

* The price of a Coke was a little less than the price of Coke at the movie theater.

* I got a free bobblehead of the manager of the Rangers. I will cherish that. Not.

* Don’t bring kids to the ballgame, all they want to do is spend your hard earned money. Oh, I am sorry, that’s what kids do.

* Whoever designed the parking at the Ballpark in Arlington needs some common sense.

* I got to witness where the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington, not Dallas. Also, a parking nightmare.

* My longest lasting “real” friend called me and that made my day.

* I also got a free Grand Slam at Denny’s at the ballgame. The Rangers didn’t score in the 6 or 7th innings so I didn’t get a free taco from Taco Bueno. Probably for the best.


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