Being 46: Day 21

30 Aug

Day 21: 

* Yes, I watched four speakers @ the RNC last night.

* Huckabee accused our President of infanticide.

* Martinez, NM governor talked about herself.

* Rice, former discriminated against because she was black in AL but doesn’t see the current discrimination in AL.

* And then there was Ryan from Janesville, WI, where I lived in 07′ because I was promised a job and then it was taken away, who has signed every major bill in the last 10 years for big government spending but now, gov’t spending is bad. He said, it is simple, don’t spend more than we have. Hmmm. Yes, the repugs all flash and no sense.

* The leader of an agency to protect state workers wouldn’t allow me to file an appeal. She hasn’t heard the last of me.

* A guy fixing my phone, was in such a hurry that he kept turning to leave before all of the problems were addressed.

* Another guy fixing my computer was very kind, gracious and actually sent the guy above to my office. I had tried email and calls to no avail.

* I only have 24 hours left in my current position at work but hey, at least I am still employed. How would you like to have someone come back from the past and take your position? Believe me, it sucks big time!

Please do your part to make this country better.


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