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7 Boats?

16 Sep

I met a guy (in his 60’s) last week who owns 7 boats. This guy lives in Ardmore (OK), not in the Greek Islands. Why does one guy need 7 boats?

Ok, I guess the common sense answer is that he needs one boat for each day of the week. Come on, you can’t be seen on the same boat more than one day, right? Then, I guess there is the practical answer, in case six of the boats break down, he will still have one more to use.

I asked this 7-boat guy, are you going to the lake today with your wife? His reply, “No, I have to work.” His wife also replied to my question by saying “that’s the problem, he works up to 80 hours a week and never has time for the lake (and their 7 boats).”

I  encouraged the man to take the day off and enjoy the lake with his beautiful wife.

From boats to politics: the Republican party is trying to paint the Democratic party as the party who just hates wealth and success just because they want to place more of a tax burden on the wealthy over 250k. Let me tell you, we don’t hate wealth and success, we just hate the abuse and excesses of wealth like my example from above. Who really needs 7 boats? Nobody, unless you own a boat rental business.

As President Obama said at the Democratic National Convention (12′), he believes in helping everyone who wants the opportunity to climb up the ladder of success by providing first-rate education and affordable student loans & repayment schedules that don’t put people at the risk of bankruptcy as they work towards their dreams.

The Republican party only cares about themselves and nobody else. They don’t want care about children, families, seniors or workers. Mitt Romney wants to increase school class sizes and take away the middle class’ tax deductions like day care costs and mortgage interest. He wants to destroy Medicare and Social Security, two brilliant programs that have served us well. And he has a track record of shutting down American plants and casting good American jobs overseas. He did it time and time again. He doesn’t care about people, his master is money. 

Wealthy people would be wise to use ‘their’ excesses not on more boats but to help their less fortunate neighbors get a step up, not a hand out. They don’t need 10,000 square foot homes; they need to help people stay in their homes and the homeless to get off the streets. You see my wealthy friends, you just can’t take all of that money with you.

Heaven, if you believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, doesn’t care about your Swiss bank accounts, he only cares that you join him for eternity in paradise. Remember, there is nothing that you can do or not do, to lose your spot with Jesus as long as you believe in him.

God Bless! Please have a relaxing Sunday at the lake or with your friends or with your family. You have worked enough this week. Give yourself a break. You deserve it.


What’z up?

14 Sep

It has been a good week…

Despite the four Americans killed, standing up for America’s values of peace & tolerance…RIP.

Despite that ole’ Mitt is still running for an office he is not qualified for…why is really running for President, probably because he wants to outdo his Daddy who dropped out of the 68′ Presidential race when he knew Tricky Dick would win…RIP.

It really has been a great week…

I am not married. I really enjoy singledom (new word?)

I cried for two hours on the first night of X-Factor, great show! First time catching it. U have to see the “cake decorator guy” from San Fran, he’s moving on to the next round.

I got to Skype with my younger bro and my niece, Whitney. Thank God for nieces and nephews.

Oh, yes, the Vikings won their opener.

I was able to converse with “another” Baptist preacher about homosexuality and the Bible. He actually took the “full time” to listen. WOW!


The World of Betrayal

8 Sep

After some study, I believe that one becomes the victim of betrayal when one trusts the betrayer too much.

Let’s take for instance, the #1 betrayal in the history of the world: Judas betraying Jesus to the high priests for 30 pieces of silver. Judas was one of Jesus’ 12 chosen apostles. He knew Jesus well and Jesus trusted him. As the story goes, it was all in God’s plan but was it really? God gave us free will. Judas could have chosen not to betray Jesus. But then again, God knows our hearts and knew Judas would do it.

The #2 betrayal was Benedict Arnold, an American officer who sold himself to the British during the American Revolutionary War. I think I have heard he or she is a “Benedict Arnold” more than I have heard that he or she is a “Judas”. By the way, Mr. Arnold was rejected by the British after betraying America and died in poverty in Canada at the age of 60.

The most costly betrayal in terms of human lives lost was by Alfred Redl, an Austrian who sold secrets to the Russians during WWI. In the end, his double cross cost over 500,000 Austrians lives. Mr. Redl committed suicide when the Austrian police found out. Who else committed suicide when he knew his reign of terror was over? Yes, of course, Mr. Hitler.

Now Julius Caesar, the tyrannical emperor of Rome, was betrayed and killed by a family member, his nephew, Brutus. Shakespeare even made a play about it. Boring…

Aldrich Ames, an American, CIA man sold lists of FBI agents to Russia in the 80’s (maybe Mitt is right) & cost 10 U.S. operatives their lives by his double cross and was sentenced to life in prison.

How about FBI agent, Robert Hanssen who also sold secrets to Russia in the 80’s and now spends his time in solitary confinement in the supermax prison in Colorado.

So as u can see from my examples, when u trust someone too much, it can really backfire on u. So be careful with who you share your secrets with.

Don’t be Apathetic, This is too Importante!

6 Sep

I understand, I understand.

By now u are tired of the campaign season…u just want the attack ads to stop and for everybody to just go back “normal”.

Sorry Charlie or Susie, this campaign is too importante (for my Latino readers, if I have any).

To bury your head in the sand until the next campaign cycle is not good for me or u.

Elizabeth Warren, Sandra Fluke and Clinton shared the stark differences between what is right for America and what is not. They all were in consensus, this is a country that works together and needs one another. We are not a country who steps on the backs on the others only for ourselves. Government is supposed to have peoples’ backs and not use it as another power source for the wealthy.

Fluke spoke of women’s rights that have already been fought and won but now the other party wants to start the  same fights again against women. Why? Because, the radical right believe that women are below men and don’t deserve the same rights as men.

Clinton, we didn’t know all that he accomplished in his two terms as President because of the radical right’s constant attacks on him. However, we know now. He balanced the federal budget four years in a row. Yes, a Democrat balanced the budget. Reagan and Bush Sr. left the country in heavy debt and Clinton straighten out that 12 year mess. Then after Clinton left office, Bush Jr. started off where his daddy left off, more debt. Clinton built partnerships around the world as Barack and Hillary have been doing since 09′.

Barack didn’t take from Medicare, he has preserved it for another eight years. If elected, Mitt will destroy Medicare by 16′. Mitt will also put 2/3 rds of the Medicaid nursing home residents in the streets. What do u think about that? Is your head still in the sand?

Just like Clinton, we haven’t given Barack enough credit for the “very” good he had done for this country so far. He works for the people of this country as he always has. Mitt would only work for the very wealthy and in the process destroy everyone else’s dreams.

Yes, this campaign is very importante. The President is the only choice on November 6th. Make sure you get out and vote. It is the least u can do to keep this great democracy in tact.

I Just Don’t Understand

5 Sep

* Author’s note: I have stopped my postings of Being 46.


It happened again…another so called Christian was bashing the gay community. I just don’t understand how Christians can do this bashing. The only requirement for entrance into heaven is to know that Jesus is your Savior. That’s it. We can’t earn our way in. We can’t do anything to prevent this except turning away from Jesus.

This latest gay basher,  a so called Christian who goes to church often and helps out at church often, remarked that she won’t shop at Target because they allow homosexuals and lesbians to have health insurance benefits as employees. Really? However, she will shop at Wal-Mart because they only recognize a marriage between a man and a woman. Forget the fact that Target pays their employees a living wage and Wal-Mart pays their slaves minimum wage. Target actually gives their employees benefits and Wal-Mart barely does, only in special cases.

Get it through your closed minds, gay people were born gay. They had no choice. Just like a black man had no choice that he would be black but that didn’t stop the white man from making them slaves and discriminating against them for a long, long time. Just like a woman had no choice that she would be a woman. But she was treated less than a man for a long, long time (still is in a lot of households).

Do you think Gay people want to be gay? No, they would rather not be. Being gay is not easy and as Mathew Vines, a Harvard student who studied the six passages (out of 31,000 passages) in the Bible referring to homosexuality for two years said, it is not convenient being gay. Gay people have needs too. They want to fall in love. They want to have a family. Who are these so called Christians who say they can’t? It just really pisses me off. Who do they think they are? They are not following Jesus’ two main commandments: love God and love everybody else. Nothing about hating and discriminating against gays, blacks or women.  Nothing.

By the way, to simplify Mr. Vines speech he gave in Wichita, KS back March. He said the three passages in Old Testament was God’s old law which we don’t follow since Jesus came to the earth to save us. The three passages in the New Testament do not condemn homosexuality.

Please do your part and stop this bashing. I have been experiencing it and witnessing it all year and it is just plain wrong!

Being 46: Day 23

2 Sep

Day 23:

* I joked around with two elderly ladies at the laundry mat and had a ball.

* It was great spending time with my mom and younger brother. We laughed most of the time.

* I petted a cat that I was told was a mean cat and couldn’t be petted.

* I missed being part of the induction ceremony into the sports hall of fame back in Rockford, IL. Now, I can say that I am in the hall of fame and I have a Harley.

* Why is it so hard for some people to take the chance on love? Oh, that’s right, I already know the answer to that, they haven’t let go.

* I was born in Minneapolis, but lived good stretches of time in northern Illinois, but my home is Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Be kind and tolerant of others…I know it is hard sometimes.