Being 46: Day 22

1 Sep

Day 22:


* Def Leppard concert at the Zoo in OKC was awesome, except for the beer and pot.

* Concerts are to be enjoyed with a buddy or lover.

* I don’t like acrylic nails on women.

* The first day in my demoted status at work was uneventful but telling.

* I miss my cats and I have only been away from them for about 18 hours.

* Some people think they “get” ya but they don’t.

* I think it is amazing that bands who hit in big in their 20’s are still playing in their 50’s, Mr. Paul McCartney is 70 this year. Wow!

* It’s nice to come along a DHS worker who is actually kind and helpful.

* Oh another Mitt mistake from the other night, he said that gas (at the pump) has doubled since 09′. And he is a finance person??

Really enjoy the weekend, u deserve it….



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