Being 46: Day 23

2 Sep

Day 23:

* I joked around with two elderly ladies at the laundry mat and had a ball.

* It was great spending time with my mom and younger brother. We laughed most of the time.

* I petted a cat that I was told was a mean cat and couldn’t be petted.

* I missed being part of the induction ceremony into the sports hall of fame back in Rockford, IL. Now, I can say that I am in the hall of fame and I have a Harley.

* Why is it so hard for some people to take the chance on love? Oh, that’s right, I already know the answer to that, they haven’t let go.

* I was born in Minneapolis, but lived good stretches of time in northern Illinois, but my home is Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Be kind and tolerant of others…I know it is hard sometimes.


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