I Just Don’t Understand

5 Sep

* Author’s note: I have stopped my postings of Being 46.


It happened again…another so called Christian was bashing the gay community. I just don’t understand how Christians can do this bashing. The only requirement for entrance into heaven is to know that Jesus is your Savior. That’s it. We can’t earn our way in. We can’t do anything to prevent this except turning away from Jesus.

This latest gay basher,  a so called Christian who goes to church often and helps out at church often, remarked that she won’t shop at Target because they allow homosexuals and lesbians to have health insurance benefits as employees. Really? However, she will shop at Wal-Mart because they only recognize a marriage between a man and a woman. Forget the fact that Target pays their employees a living wage and Wal-Mart pays their slaves minimum wage. Target actually gives their employees benefits and Wal-Mart barely does, only in special cases.

Get it through your closed minds, gay people were born gay. They had no choice. Just like a black man had no choice that he would be black but that didn’t stop the white man from making them slaves and discriminating against them for a long, long time. Just like a woman had no choice that she would be a woman. But she was treated less than a man for a long, long time (still is in a lot of households).

Do you think Gay people want to be gay? No, they would rather not be. Being gay is not easy and as Mathew Vines, a Harvard student who studied the six passages (out of 31,000 passages) in the Bible referring to homosexuality for two years said, it is not convenient being gay. Gay people have needs too. They want to fall in love. They want to have a family. Who are these so called Christians who say they can’t? It just really pisses me off. Who do they think they are? They are not following Jesus’ two main commandments: love God and love everybody else. Nothing about hating and discriminating against gays, blacks or women.  Nothing.

By the way, to simplify Mr. Vines speech he gave in Wichita, KS back March. He said the three passages in Old Testament was God’s old law which we don’t follow since Jesus came to the earth to save us. The three passages in the New Testament do not condemn homosexuality.

Please do your part and stop this bashing. I have been experiencing it and witnessing it all year and it is just plain wrong!


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