Don’t be Apathetic, This is too Importante!

6 Sep

I understand, I understand.

By now u are tired of the campaign season…u just want the attack ads to stop and for everybody to just go back “normal”.

Sorry Charlie or Susie, this campaign is too importante (for my Latino readers, if I have any).

To bury your head in the sand until the next campaign cycle is not good for me or u.

Elizabeth Warren, Sandra Fluke and Clinton shared the stark differences between what is right for America and what is not. They all were in consensus, this is a country that works together and needs one another. We are not a country who steps on the backs on the others only for ourselves. Government is supposed to have peoples’ backs and not use it as another power source for the wealthy.

Fluke spoke of women’s rights that have already been fought and won but now the other party wants to start the  same fights again against women. Why? Because, the radical right believe that women are below men and don’t deserve the same rights as men.

Clinton, we didn’t know all that he accomplished in his two terms as President because of the radical right’s constant attacks on him. However, we know now. He balanced the federal budget four years in a row. Yes, a Democrat balanced the budget. Reagan and Bush Sr. left the country in heavy debt and Clinton straighten out that 12 year mess. Then after Clinton left office, Bush Jr. started off where his daddy left off, more debt. Clinton built partnerships around the world as Barack and Hillary have been doing since 09′.

Barack didn’t take from Medicare, he has preserved it for another eight years. If elected, Mitt will destroy Medicare by 16′. Mitt will also put 2/3 rds of the Medicaid nursing home residents in the streets. What do u think about that? Is your head still in the sand?

Just like Clinton, we haven’t given Barack enough credit for the “very” good he had done for this country so far. He works for the people of this country as he always has. Mitt would only work for the very wealthy and in the process destroy everyone else’s dreams.

Yes, this campaign is very importante. The President is the only choice on November 6th. Make sure you get out and vote. It is the least u can do to keep this great democracy in tact.


2 Responses to “Don’t be Apathetic, This is too Importante!”

  1. okielars September 6, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Excellent post. Very uplifting convention coverage last eve. It’s is up to us to keep the repugs from stealing the election again. If they do, this old man is in the streets.

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