The World of Betrayal

8 Sep

After some study, I believe that one becomes the victim of betrayal when one trusts the betrayer too much.

Let’s take for instance, the #1 betrayal in the history of the world: Judas betraying Jesus to the high priests for 30 pieces of silver. Judas was one of Jesus’ 12 chosen apostles. He knew Jesus well and Jesus trusted him. As the story goes, it was all in God’s plan but was it really? God gave us free will. Judas could have chosen not to betray Jesus. But then again, God knows our hearts and knew Judas would do it.

The #2 betrayal was Benedict Arnold, an American officer who sold himself to the British during the American Revolutionary War. I think I have heard he or she is a “Benedict Arnold” more than I have heard that he or she is a “Judas”. By the way, Mr. Arnold was rejected by the British after betraying America and died in poverty in Canada at the age of 60.

The most costly betrayal in terms of human lives lost was by Alfred Redl, an Austrian who sold secrets to the Russians during WWI. In the end, his double cross cost over 500,000 Austrians lives. Mr. Redl committed suicide when the Austrian police found out. Who else committed suicide when he knew his reign of terror was over? Yes, of course, Mr. Hitler.

Now Julius Caesar, the tyrannical emperor of Rome, was betrayed and killed by a family member, his nephew, Brutus. Shakespeare even made a play about it. Boring…

Aldrich Ames, an American, CIA man sold lists of FBI agents to Russia in the 80’s (maybe Mitt is right) & cost 10 U.S. operatives their lives by his double cross and was sentenced to life in prison.

How about FBI agent, Robert Hanssen who also sold secrets to Russia in the 80’s and now spends his time in solitary confinement in the supermax prison in Colorado.

So as u can see from my examples, when u trust someone too much, it can really backfire on u. So be careful with who you share your secrets with.


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