What’z up?

14 Sep

It has been a good week…

Despite the four Americans killed, standing up for America’s values of peace & tolerance…RIP.

Despite that ole’ Mitt is still running for an office he is not qualified for…why is really running for President, probably because he wants to outdo his Daddy who dropped out of the 68′ Presidential race when he knew Tricky Dick would win…RIP.

It really has been a great week…

I am not married. I really enjoy singledom (new word?)

I cried for two hours on the first night of X-Factor, great show! First time catching it. U have to see the “cake decorator guy” from San Fran, he’s moving on to the next round.

I got to Skype with my younger bro and my niece, Whitney. Thank God for nieces and nephews.

Oh, yes, the Vikings won their opener.

I was able to converse with “another” Baptist preacher about homosexuality and the Bible. He actually took the “full time” to listen. WOW!



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