Workers at Wal-Mart Finally Wake Up!!!

17 Oct

For months now I had been thinking of ways to help Wal-Mart “associates” organize themselves to protest and strike against the 3rd largest employer in the world.

I know, I know but Darron, that is not for you to take on…I was just re-reading the National Association of Social Work ethics yesterday and one of the tenants that I am licensed to adhere to is: Social Justice. Since Sam Walton died about 20 years ago, Wal-Mart executives have been finding ways to line their pockets at the expense of the employees (I call them). Wal-Mart employees are paid menial wages and have lousy benefits. But yet, people still line up to work for this nasty employer. Why? Because they are the 3rd largest employer in the world behind the Chinese and USA defenses’ personnel and people need jobs to support themselves and their families.

We, as consumers, really need to support the workers not just Wal-Mart’s products and services. I know, I know but Darron, the costs of Wal-Mart’s products will go up for us, the consumers. If, as President Obama keeps preaching, we “level the playing field” for Wal-Mart and its operations, everybody will win! 

So anyway, this week, I read an article by Amy Goodman that Wal-Mart employees in 12 states, making up 28 Wal-Mart stores have finally woke up and are finally organizing themselves against the Wal-Mart machine. With the help of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Wal-Mart employees just recently protested outside its headquarters in Bentonville, AR as a large # of investors were meeting. This was the first time in the company’s 50 year history, that the employees finally stood up together to fight for better wages and better working conditions. Things that they shouldn’t have to fight for, the employer should already be supplying these items.

I was talking to a Wal-Mart employee recently as he was sweeping the large parking lot of his store. I commented to him, wouldn’t you rather be inside working with the others and he replied, “no, it is crazy in there, I am better outside (in the PARKING LOT). Give me a break! How sad is this? Very.

So, the Wal-Mart employees who have organized against the MACHINE that Alan Jackson sung about 20 years ago, call themselves “OUR WAL-MART” which stands for “Organization United for Respect at Wal-Mart”. I think the name of their group is very appropriate and pro-Wal-Mart even in the midst that they are being treated and paid poorly.


8 Responses to “Workers at Wal-Mart Finally Wake Up!!!”

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    • lifechangecounseling November 1, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

      Thanks for reading. Please let me know when you find a misspelled word. I don’t have a copy editor.

  2. laurie October 20, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    The american greed among the rich they get all the brakes and we all will pay we work our tails off while they reap and we get sunk in a deeper whole so we need to make change and it starts in the senate and the congress those old farts get lots of money for protecting the rich so what do you all think

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  4. Bridget Kostello February 3, 2013 at 6:29 am #

    But here’s something else consumers can do–stop shopping at Wal-Mart! And demand a living wage for all jobs. Check this map–sadness will abound.

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