Take Time to Organize

27 Oct

Sorry about the gap in posting…it  has been a hectic last couple weeks. I lost a job very prematurely and started another one, less than two weeks in the unemployment line, Thank God!

I just wanted to write a few words about the importance of organizing stuff. I have been a social worker (Master of Social Work earned 97′) and have been collecting materials to help me do my job for over 20 years. Recently, I had the opportunity to “unpack” and organize my social work collection. I was able to downsize to only four boxes (copy paper sized).

I went through every shred of paper and made a decision to keep or not. I also organized each piece of paper into specific areas to make it easier to find and use. Yes, it took time, 3 hours but it was well worth it. I now know what is contained in my four box collection and since I know what is in it, I will be able to access it easier. What good is something if you don’t know where it is? None.  What is the point of having a bunch of stuff but don’t use it? None.

I actually feel free and less stressed because I took the time to organize and downsize. I can now be more effective and efficient in my field of work. Other side benefits of this cleansing were that I found stuff that I forgot about and now can use to help someone. And I found some fun stuff that I can use and some inspirational stuff as well.

Take the time, I promise it will be well worth it!


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