What has happened to common decency?

1 Nov

I regretfully report today, that I experienced another mind blowing incident at a Dr’s office, here in Ardmore, OK.

Since moving to Ardmore (the home of the worse plane crash in OK history, back in 66′) over 4 months ago, I have had nothing but trouble from medical providers. I was so relieved to finally have health insurance again on July 1st after being without it for over a year. I never could have imagined what I would experienced once I had medical insurance again.

I had a newly acquired health issue, and now I had the protection to cover me. So I thought…

On my first scheduled appointment with a Doctor, July 19th, I sat in the waiting hall for over a hour and finally had enough. I crossed the hall and asked the lady at the window if I could get in to see the medical provider who she represented. She checked and boom, I got to see a real-life Nurse Practitioner within minutes. If a medical provider doesn’t have the common decency to keep his or her appointments with high paying or low paying customers for that matter, then forget it. At least that is what I contend!
Well, my first visit with the N.P. went better than expected and I thought that I was going to be in good hands. Well, I was wrong, unfortunately. Since my health insurance came with an added benefit (taking into account that the premiums cost $500 per month) of a $200 cash incentive once a year for a “preventative” check up and lab work, I was really stoked. However, the medical provider didn’t bill the visit and the lab work correctly (I had given them a step by step instruction sheet) and I had to wait and wait for my cash.

About mid-August, I was having some negative symptoms of the medication for one of my conditions. I squeezed out of work and arrived at my N.P’s office. Yes, she squeezed me in. Well, she decided to change my medication but during the same visit, I had another issue occurring and she showed her true colors and failed to treat me right (medically or humanly). The curtain had been pulled and she had been revealed.

From then on, it was downhill “as they say” with her office. I couldn’t get the information from that office to relay to the insurance company to get my incentive. To gain access to the N.P.’s office, one has to navigate though a glass wall of angry-20- somethings girls. In fact, the N.P. called me (which she never did and her staff never answered their phones or returned messages) and cautioned me to “be nicer” to the “glass wall girls” or else. Well, I took that “or else” and my coveted health insurance elsewhere.

I did some checking, through the phone book, to find another provider. I came across providers in the 2012-13 phone book who had been retired for years, their office had been moved out of the area for some time or they just didn’t have a “family” practice. Unbelievable!! Well, I finally found another N.P and went into her office to make an appointment. She was on vacation and had no one to cover for her so I made an appointment with the lady (nurses’ aide) painting the office. That should have been a red flag then and there.

The first visit with the N.P went well but then came the trouble again, the follow-up to my needs. I am sorry but I have needs. The N.P.’s staff failed to call in a prescription and when I went to pick it up, days later, it wasn’t ready. When I called the office, one of the laides said that she would take care of it right away. Well, she didn’t and I was having a painful time with my medical condition. When I checked again, the pharmacy said that my “over priced” insurance wouldn’t cover the medication that the N.P had ordered for me and her office would need to call the insurance “to work it out”. Well, when I called the office, she said that she didn’t have time to call the insurance company and rudely hung up on me.

I visited an Urgent Care clinic that same day and was promised followed through and didn’t get it. I gave up for a couple weeks until I realized that my health insurance would stop on Halloween since I had lost my  job on 10/5. So, I contacted two Doctors, after sifting through the phone book again. The first Dr. turned me down as a patient (reasons unknown) and the second Dr. never got back to me. So, yesterday, on Halloween I made one more desperate attempt to secure a Dr. appointment since  I needed refills. After some major frustration, I found a willing Dr. who could see me that afternoon. I was overjoyed! But that was to be short-lived!

This last-ditch-effort Dr. was a retired surgeon, now doing “family” practice. After his nurse basically called me fat (which has only happened one other time in my life), I was set to see the Dr., however, two red flags immediately shot up. First, the nurse had never been handed advance directive forms (I had been given them by the front desk lady) and this wasn’t her first rodeo so to speak. Second, the door was left open of the patient’s room across the hall from me, as the Dr. and the patient conversed. Ever heard of privacy and confidentiality? I guess not.

Now, came the real scary part, meeting this old (should be retired) Dr. He had to ask me a couple of times on each of my complaints, how it started and so forth as Nurse Hatchet looked on. Well, she didn’t really look on, she guided him through the process, since he kept losing his direction. Believe me, this guy has dementia and should not be practicing medicine.

Then came the scariest part. I got to see Dr. No Memory blow his casket. That means he got really, really mad! He didn’t agree with the medication that I had been previously prescribed for my migraine headaches and he wasn’t going to follow suit. In all of my 46 years, I have never, ever seen a professional become so unglued like this old coot did. Thank God, I was able to get out of that “Bates” office alive. At this very moment I am wordless. Thank God I no longer have medical insurance.


One Response to “What has happened to common decency?”

  1. Ron bates November 1, 2012 at 2:55 pm #

    You picking on me or just my last name…?

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