Presidential Tidbits

5 Nov

As the long and dirty presidential campaign winds down, I thought I would entertain you with a few presidential tidbits.

1) Two Presidents were married to two women (not at the same time) during their terms. John Tyler, our 10th President and Woodrow Wilson, our 28th President who also served two terms.

2) Our 2nd and 3rd Presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, July 4, 1826, exactly 50 years from our country’s founding in 1776.

3) Two Presidents died in 1862: our 8th man, Martin Van Buren and our 10th leader, John Tyler. I wonder if President Lincoln attended their funerals.

4) Only one President, Mr. James Buchanan never married, he was our 15th Prez.

5) Presidents Nixon and Ford were born in 1913.

6) Ulysses Grant and Rutherford Hayes were born in 1822, our 18th and 19th Presidents respectively.

7) The average age of our Presidents at death is 69. We have had only three Presidents make it over age 90, but Carter and Bush Sr. may also make it past 90.

8) When George Washington took the office, he had 600 civilians in the executive branch. When Clinton took office in 92′, there were 2 million civilians in the executive branch until Clinton cut the personnel by an 1/8th.

9) Out of our first 41 Presidents, we elected 12 Generals, cases in point: Washington and Eisenhower. We love our war heroes.

Get out and vote tomorrow! But better yet, get involved in your community for the better!!


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