What did we learn???

7 Nov

You win some and you lose some…and life goes on.

For instance, the state representative candidate who I supported, lost her bid. But, Obama who I supported wholeheartedly, won.

Win/Loss: is such a part of the balance of life.

But despite whether you won or lost or both like me, what did we learn from this election cycle???

1) Being inclusive (everybody matters) is more important than being exclusive (leave out that pesky 47% of the U.S. population).

2) Honoring and being tolerant of those who are “different” than us (minorites do matter and gay marriage is happening) is very relevant.

3) People are more important than the almighty dollar (the middle class makes up more of this country than the “richer” class).

4) Healthcare for all is more important than having restrictions on health care and enabling insurance companies’ executives to line their pockets.

5) Finding ways to strenghten our education system is more crucial than supporting larger class sizes and restricting access to college loans.

6) Taking care of those hurt by 9/11 vs. just passing the buck.

7) Listening to military leaders and what is really needed vs. attempting to appease defense contractors (i.e. Halliburton).

8) Ensuring that health care remains strong for “seniors” vs. “choosing” to allow the system to collapse.

9) Ensuring that social security stays in tact vs. turning it over to the Wall Street vultures.

10) Working towards equality among men & women in pay and rights vs. disrespecting and dismissing women and the strengths they have.

Like OUR President said during his victory speech, early this morning, politics are a big deal and we need to do our part in our communities, not just every four years but every day.


3 Responses to “What did we learn???”

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