More Presidential Tidbits

9 Nov

In my continued study of the most interesting job in the world, here are more tidbits from the toughest job in the world:

1) Our first President traveled 235 miles from his Mt. Vernon home in Virginia to the first inauguration site at Federal Hall in New York City. His wife, Mary refused to attend the event but she turned out to be a very good First Lady.

2) George Washington said once, “my only ambition is to do my duty.” Wow, how refreshing for the man who held the top spot in the young nation.

3) GW, in his last will and testament, freed all of his slaves.

4) Irony: William Harrison, who was the governor of the territory of Indiana, fought in one of the most notable “Indian” wars but later was a great advocate and protector for the Indians as he worked out treaties with them.

5) Back in 1840, the Whig party advocated for a “weak president and a strong congress” as they nominated William Harrison.

6) President Harrison has the dubious honor of giving the longest inaugural address in presidential history, lasting two hours. As a fatal result of his long windiness and his refusal to wear a coat and hat, led to his death just 30 days later.

7) There were two assassination attempts on President Ford in just three weeks in 75′. His first attempted assassin was one of Charles Manson’s followers, Squeaky Fromme who was paroled in 09′. That’s scary. And his second attempted assassin, who actually got her shot off was Sara Moore who was paroled in 07′. Also scary!


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