The Holidays

30 Nov

Over 150 million humans rushed out on Black Thursday/Friday and spent over $400 each for what? I was not one of them.

Another 50 million humans logged on and purchased more stuff this past Monday. I was not one of them.

What is this power that entrances people to do whatever it takes, even standing in long lines for days to get something on sale?

I don’t know what it is but it scares me every year, just like the Holidays can if I let them!

It’s not too late…you can still keep the Holidays simple and it won’t cost you anything.

Spend some time with those you haven’t spent time with. Go by a nursing or assisted living home and say hello and maybe listen to a life story or two.

Put the wallet down and just relax with those you really love and cherish.

Stop trying to find the perfect gift or perfect decoration. It ain’t out there people, it is right inside each of us.

Stop being fooled by all of the hoopla and advertising and get back to the basics!

Love and Peace!



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