Semi-Automatic Weapons???????

17 Dec

Good morning,

I am posting comments from an individual that goes by “Vince545056” on MSN for the story MSN ran, headline: Very heavily Armed Gunman Shot Mother Multiple Times Before Killing 26 at Connecticut School, Police Say. I have deleted some words like “gun freak” since I don’t believe those descriptors are necessary here.

Vince545056 said, The reason for the gun violence in our culture is the fact that everyone is armed (47% are). Statistics show that people who own guns are far more likely to shoot themselves or their loved ones accidentally or have someone use that (weapon) against them than they are ever to shoot an intruder or someone trying to do them harm.

If this gun owner (Newtown’s shooter’s mom) had not owned semi-automatic (it seems more like automatic to me) than her (son) couldn’t have murdered her, twenty {6 to 7 year olds} and six teachers. The idiotic belief that guns don’t kill people, people kill people is about as (insane) as saying that nuclear bombs don’t kill people, people kill people. If arming everyone with a gun will make us safe, then giving everyone a nuclear bomb will make us even safer (I don’t think so).

Let’s think about this:  one man (well, more than one man tried it) tries to use his shoes to blow up a plane and NOW everyone has to take their shoes off to board an aircraft. We’ve NOW had 31 SCHOOL SHOOTINGS since Columbine (99′), 100’s of people (are) dead from mass shootings around the nation, and the gun (owners) cry about having to give up their SEMI-AUTOMATIC WEAPONS and having background checks.

Guns (semi-automatic weapons) have two purposes: killing and practice killing. The ONLY people who should be able to own a gun (semi-automatic weapon) are (active) law enforcement and (active) military personnel. No one else has any legitimate reason for owning a gun, whatsoever.

Editor’s note: The semi-automatic weapon used by the Newtown mass murderer is the same weapon that was used 10 years ago by the D.C. Sniper. Time for real change is NOW. Not 10 years from now. Tell that to the latest victims…oh, right, you can’t they are all dead.

Editor’s note: This is another case of untreated mental illness. If you or someone you know has a mental health issue, get help immediately.


Update on 8/29/14: A 9 year old girl “accidentally” shot and killed the Arizona gun range instructor, Charles Vacca this past week. Really??? People, think!!!!


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